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I'm Trithtale on Xbox and would love to play with you all. I like to play video games, watch MLP, and my favorite characters are the Changelings. I am also known to edit stories for others.


When you after being alone for so long suddenly have friends. What do you do? The answer you protect them with your very life, and that's just what I did and because of it I died and now watch over the country of Equestria and work to keep it safe. Now if only my body would hurry up and regenerate so I could come back.

Final Fantasy IX Displaced

Black Waltz 3 displaced

Chapters (2)
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Pretty good start so far, though the chapters could be longer. Definitely sounds like it'll be a great story soon once things pick up in terms of plot.

... where did he came up from?
The way Discord was talking it looked like it was only him and the two sisters there. :derpytongue2:

6947309 He's a powerful mage that can teleport, where do you think he came from?

I'd be a lot less hesitant to try reading this if you had actually proofread your synopsis. If you've got so many errors there, I can only imagine what your story is like.

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