Lets Deal

by Trithtale

Dealt the Hand of Fate

“Let me ask you a question, have you ever in your life felt guilt over what you have done to others? Have you done unspeakable acts? Do you want to do all you can to fix that which you have done? Well wait no longer, just take a seat at this here table and let the Cards of Fate help you.” I said to the group of people in front of me as I shuffled my cards and waited for someone to take me up on my offer.

“Alright Dealer lets see what the cards have in store for me.” I heard a teen, probably about 16 say to me as she takes a seat at my table.

“Hmm, lets see draw three cards, look at them, then lay them face up on the table.” I tell her and she does as such. Drawing the Celestia, the Knife, and the Body. “Hmm, you have committed a great crime by both this world's standards haven’t you?” I whisper to her and then tell the crowd as I take the cards and reshuffle them. “What she has drawn is the Flower, the Puddle, and the wanderer cards. Which can only mean she has caused great suffering to those that were at one point her friend. She betrayed their trust, and did great harm to them, and for this she was cast away from society and made to live as a wanderer.” I said to the crowd and as I did this I noticed that the girl was visibly shaking and was reaching for something in her jacket, and as she withdrew her hand I noticed she was clutching a .44 magnum.

“So you think it’s alright to divulge other people’s secrets without their consent do you? I guess I will have to fix that won't I? She said to me as she cocked the hammer back and prepared to shoot me. “Any last words?”

“Yes, the true fortune of your cards is as follows. When the Sun sets, you're death will be long and tortuous, and when you are found no one will weep for you because of what you did to your friends.” I said without knowing where the words were coming from.

“Bold words for a dead man, now make peace with your gods.... Good now die.” She said to me, pulled the trigger, then all I saw was black.