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I'm just a fan of MLP, Touhou, and much more and now for a personal quote. "Inspiration is a fickle thing it’s there when you don’t want it and gone when you need it."


I was sent to Equestria only to be hunted down as if i was an animal. Well now that my friends that I met after being petrified and I are free it's time to leave Equestria and regroup. This time it will be the Darkness to purify the Light but in truth that's only a side effect for our main goal. Revenge. Unfortunately this is a very slow burn plan but that is fine. We've waited for over 5000 years to be free what's a few more? In time those who wronged us will know that wrath of not just a Dungeon Keeper, but a Oni!

Hello everyone. This story was inspired by The Beating of my Heart. by Clockworklich. Please note that this story will be much darker then all of my other stories with the possible exception of Tales of a Lycan-Scale due to me not 100% sure where that one is going to end up with the few plans I currently have for it. Please know that I will change this to Mature if it's needed but to all who read this then I hope you enjoy!

Edit: This is going on hiatus for awhile because I want to work on it but the inspiration and ideas just isn't there.

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This actually isn’t that shabby of a story. I’m enjoying it.

Then again, I’ve always been a fan of the villain.

thanks. it's my first time trying to have a villainous character as the main character, glad i'm doing something right.

I am eagerly waiting for your next chapter to be posted!

It’s in the works. I just need to figure out a few more details before it’s finished

Thanks! I hope the creative flow picks up again so I can do more on this.

"Hello, what is this?" Pokes story a few times before giving it a sniff and a lick. "Smells good... tastes good..." Reads first chapter. "Rin gives this story the fluffy seal of approval!":yay:

wow.... I mean wow. It was your story that inspired me to write this so having you comment on this story... It's freaking amazing. :pinkiehappy: Here's hoping I get inspired to continue it soon!

I just love all the planning and scheming. I also enjoy well planed battles with no problems. Thanks for the 10 minutes of entertainment :pinkiehappy:

I will be rather perturbed if these Uruks in your army don't end up with all those fun personalities like in Shadow of War.

They might. Haven't really thought about what kind of personality they'll get. though for the sake of my sanity I think only the ones that'll end up with names with show their personality

then please! at least one 'the mad'!
"prick! prick! prickle!"

Something must be seriously wrong if the Luna and Celestia became Empresses.

sorry about the long wait... writers blocks hit me hard for all my stories :fluttercry:

yeah. It's call "the urge to write" and "writers block" ... and I HATE IT! I want to write and work on my stories but every time I try... I just stare at the screen my mind blank :raritycry:

A friend of mine gave another friend of mine a piece of advice on a stream: If you can't work with an idea, then it is probably a bad idea to begin with.

the problem with that is I know what I want to happen and I've got a lot of notes on plans. its just as I said no urge to write.

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