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[Formerly: The Mist of Equestria (Displacement)] When a young Otaku goes to his first ever Brony Con, he stumbles upon a strange merchant selling a variety of anime props. After buying a pair of replica earrings from one of his favorite animes from him, The Otaku finds himself in a strange new yet familiar colorful world in a small Gijinka like body. Armed with the power of Illusions and The Six Paths of Reincarnation, the newly self titled Azour Rokudo will have to face many threats in the future along with High School. But at least he will have many friends to help him along the way. [Semi Tri X-Over Between Pokemon, Katekyo Hitman Reborn and My Little Pony]

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Depending on when in the EQG timeline this is either explains why Fluttershy isn't questioning why hes part fox, or makes me question why she isn't questioning the fact that he's part fox

It takes place just before Equestria Girls as at the end Rua and Fluttershy are going to Canterlot High to hand out fliers for the shelter which happens right before the crown enters the picture.

Alright, thank you. But may I ask why she's acting like a 2' 4" fox hybrid is a normal thing?

I shall watch this story, it's an interesting concept,

nice to see hitman reborn displaced

Is a new way to start a displaced story.

so ... it ias where is it. in befoure sunset ttwilight arrival begining page 1

Great beginning can't wait for the next chapter

Can't wait for the next chapter I love this story

Thank you for answering my previous questions

Pls continue I like this story it be a good one.

Thanks glad you have been enjoying it. To you and everyone else who has been following this story I apologize for a lack of updates. I have recently gotten a new job with a sparatic schedule making it hard to find writing time. Luckily things are finally beginning to settle in and my schedule more solid so if things go well I should be updating relatively soon.

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