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And so the game...Begins anew. Will you be the hunter who basks in the light...Or the beast who lurks within the shadows? Only time will tell...

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Comment posted by 23 KM To Nerdiness deleted Nov 5th, 2021

Your displaced thread got locked so I will just put this comment here.
The Blacklight virus is already extremely strong, giving him any other owners is just ridiculous, but if you still want to add those elements into the story I would suggest you make portals open up thanks to the displacer weakening dimensional barriers. That way those creatures could invade Equestria and a large part of the story could involve how those world being forced together could react. let's face it if you do a black light displaced there is no point in making the story about him fighting something he is already as strong as a god and would only get stronger with magic. So the story could be about him destroying the monsters and helping with these vastly different worlds. What would he do when ten-year-olds try to capture him in a ball, what would the ponies do if that happened to them? like I sad a black light being doesn't belong in an action story in Equestria it is like having Goku fight Dr house, he is too strong to make sense and would be MUCH more interesting to see how he can use his powers while not directly fighting anyone.

I know, I just need an opinion on witch one to do.

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