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Timid Little Retcon · 10:14am January 13th

okay, I feel like an ass for dropping it on you, but I might need to delete a couple chapters and retcon stuff since right now whatever plan I had for this story doesn't seem to be what people want.

I created the premise, yet I have seemed to fail in drawing attention to the secrets as Fluttershy developed as a character, becoming a new, more confident mare due to how the new mind within doesn't share her old meekness.

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Thank you for Favoriting Skeletor, Master of The Empire.

"What? Get that script out of my face!" (Incoherent speaking) "Fuck you! I'm doing this my way! HEY! Hakobune Kain. You ever need someone blown up just let me know, capiche?"


Thanks for favoriting Equestra Girls: Symbol Of Undying Love!

Thank you for favoriting BIZARRO Am NOT iN EQUESTRIA, ArkKane, I hope I can continue to entertain you with future chapter releases.

"Thank you for the favorite."


  • Viewing 36 - 40 of 40
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