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Prepare for the power of Dark Arts

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Hmm... so how will this stories Clop/Story ratio be?

Welp you caught my attention with this story...now i'm just waiting for the train wreck of the reveal!

Hm. Cute and delightful. Upvoted and tracked! Looking forward to more! ...Also, I notice someone is a Critical Role fan. HA!

Following, but I think you should get one of the editors to clean up pieces of your story

yeah... editors... I have those... certainly don't write these things all on my own...

*nervous laughter* :twilightsheepish:

What's so soft? Your hooves or a pillow that you're furiously humping?

Now i dont normally read futa stories but i quite like this one

Sweet Celestia Flutters! Did you practice the RCV or something?!

What's RCV?

...and was greeted by my other head…

I’ll admit that was one of the funniest thing I’ve seen in a fic in awhile you deserve the like I left.
So he has knowledge of the future... see how much stock in disaster gear is, it’s going to skyrocket in a few months.
Well congrats you somehow made a fic tagged with “porn” unique and funny, try not to wait to long between chapters and you could go places.

And apparently, after reading a book out of curiosity, Ponies are like other herbivores, they can eat meat, it’s just with their pacifistic nature they don’t. And if you don’t believe me, google it, herbivores can and have eaten meat before.

“Well… if you need a place to stay, my cottage is open, if you’re okay with not hunting and eating fish while you’re there.

that makes it sound like he should not hunt fish specifically, I’d suggest “and only eating fish while you’re there.”

Thankfully once it had died down he looked to see his house of cards was left unharmed.


he smiled and let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding.

Mission failed, we'll get'em next time

thanks for pointing that out to me, it's fixed now.

:facehoof: I think in the context it'd be obvious, wouldn't it?

And apparently, after reading a book out of curiosity, Ponies are like other herbivores, they can eat meat, it’s just with their pacifistic nature they don’t. And if you don’t believe me, google it, herbivores can and have eaten meat before.

This story is good but it could have been better if the guy didn't act so much like Fluttershy:ajbemused:

don't worry, it won't be like that, as this is for different reasons:

1. he's trying to make sure he's not found out by not being shy as she is known for, even to her animals.

2. he's attempting to fight off instincts he never had before, so in public it's not just shyness but sheer determination to keep it in her non-existent pants.

so in short, she's not going to be scared of anything that Fluttershy would normally be (aka shadows, dragons, and many minor things.)
and will be prevalent during Nightmare Night instead of locked away.

...oh yeah, she will be working to becoming more assertive in order to fake that she's 'growing' as a pony and one more thing.

...Ark likes pranks.

Hmmm that sounds interesting let's see what happens in future episodes and then I'll be the judge of how shy he really is.

for your question. Royal Canterlot Voice. for your praise, thanks but this is something I haven't done before, so it'll take longer to make sure I don't fuck it up, and also I have other fics to deal with as well.

it lives, great, now lets ser how thing foes, hope it doesnt take long

Being aware of how motivating comments can be, I can only say that I am waiting eagerly for the next chapter.

A vary interesting tack one of these types of story's I will be watching this keep up the good.work

Well, well, well, let us see what shenanigans they all up to in this story, hhhhhhuuummm?

This story makes me laugh so much it's hard to breath! Can't wait for more Ark! and because I couldn't deiced which one of these clips to choose I'll just use them all.

It's only his first day, and he's already seduced a pillow...

I need more not to mention I want the sex scenes, please. that is the whole reason i am following this story the sex

Don't call it a cumback,
I've been here for months
please get the reference

I’m not meaning like that, it’s so you could feed him.”

I don't mean like that
I’ve really been waiting for this, it’s unique and funny there really isn't enough “human mind in a main character” stories and this one has a great twist. I especially love the way they reacted to that son line that was REALLY in character for twilight an spike.

Looking forward to more of this, kinkiness with humor make a great combination :ajsmug:

Well that was a weird chapter not bad just weird also is she pregnant or not couldn't tell

I don't know whether I should call this Fluttershy 'timid' or just having 'back-boned'?

... WHAT ?! What mare, or woman for that matter, wouldn’t want Luna’s foal??

RIP me, dead by laughter.

was that a mating press because if so then bruh noooiccce

“Come on, come on…” I said as I stared at the little item in my hand.


Funnily enough this had the unintentional effect of killing the mood Nightmare was making, as even she was shocked that someone was more annoyed about her being forgotten than she was, but I was on a roll so I didn’t think long on it. “I’m sorry but I might get a few ponies not remembering but all of you?! For Celestia’s sake this mare has her own holiday!!”

this is why you need to keep writing this, it's not just clop it's hilarious and surprisingly realistic.

“I have to wrestle a bear so he lies still for his massage.” I say, having them all be quiet. “...what? Harry’s a nice bear, but he’s very stubborn when it comes to his spine.”

I never realized how much power she had until now.

Knowing she didn’t know that I knew, I walked up to my prey. “Oh it’s so hard being around all those animals, and little innocent Fluttershy couldn’t possibly buy something to aid her ~.” I said in a sultry tone that would turn cooked spaghetti hard. “You’re a little blunt on the end, so I hope you’re gentle enough~.”


That thorn is way bigger than I thought.

To be completely accurate, equines are very sensitive about their diet (amongst other things). Eating meat with any regularity would result in very serious health issues.

Though the amount of sugar they seem to consume in Equestria would leave a horse crippled for life...

can angel bunny be a real demon from hell?

Welp, this is gonna be interesting. :rainbowlaugh: I look forward to seeing more.

I saw someone making fun of Shrek the third and thought that this would be perfect somewhere in this story.

This is going to be easy.


I ‘eep’d not because of the thunder… but last I checked it was clear skies outside.

How do you like your words? Baked, boiled or deep-fried? :ajsmug:

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