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Prepare for the power of Dark Arts

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espero que esta historia no quede en el olvido por la categoría de M. la historia va avanzando a buen paso pero deberá de tener un margen de palabras un poco mas largo para poder leer de forma mas cómoda y que la historia tenga una transición de eventos con buen tiempo.

lol just saw this and went eeh why not and it got a lol out of me. i'll track it just to see where it goes from here.

Tracking and waiting for an update

same here. we don't actually get angry when it takes sometime the history to go out. we want to see it to the very end.

This seems like it will be fun :pinkiecrazy:

This is gonna be really fun :pinkiecrazy:

I thought Candence smacked her at first

The death of a story? Is this...loss?

it ain't dead, it's just in an ancient slumber, I'm gonna focus on the progenitor 'Timid Little Secrets' before I bog myself down with anything else, and I don't want to change the status to 'on hiatus' because then people assume its dead.

So wait is the go to plan to kidnapping all important female ponies and the brainwashing for the new bughorse overlord if so will be glad to see how that plays out

Further investigation unfortunately uncovered several regalia and some of said dresses decorated with a certain heart-shaped cutie mark.

Hee hee... Let me regale ya with a story about my changeling genitalia!

More! Please I beg you I love your stories! 100 out of 10!

This is quite promising. I'll eagerly await more.


Um… drone? Could you check her undercarriage?

Sure… she seems to have a strange enchanted cloth.

Does this mean Cadance also has "extra" equipment?

Sounds like this Chrysalis is taking the 'Make Love, Not War' approach.

Also, she just gave the maid the same name as the enchanter 'Ling from the previous chapter.

...oh fuck, one moment...

edit: fixed! sorry about that brain fart.

Will this story have any m/f sex scenes, implied or otherwise, where the woman does most or all of the work?

I think that technically just happened, but sure Chryssi's gonna be giving Shining some Domination, she's gotta do something other than brainwashing to keep Shiny in line.

In other words, real Chryssy was a bloody idiot

Nice to see this one updated, heh!

Hope she gets kinki(er) with Shiny and Cadance~



Oh yeah, the moment I read that line I heard Gru's voice in my head too, I can't wait to see what happens next.


Yup everything going wrong is because of original Chryssie and her methode of leading :pinkiecrazy:

Love your work can’t wait for the next chapter


Now see, you've left a delicious cliffhanger for us, and we can't have that. We need more!

You've given the mouse a cookie, and now it's asking for a glass of milk.

*pumps shotgun* I know where this goes, where's the fucker, I need to kill it before it starts making vampire followers!

Honostly liking the story so far, it's been a pretty interesting ride. Though it is a biased opinion I personally dont like the whole futa/ovipositor. But seeing as it is a personal opinion thing may I ask why you chose to go that path? I know everyone has a slightly different head cannon for how the changelings work and what not but I like getting others opinions on things too, I think its interesting to hear :trollestia:

well honestly my choice for it is my own real personal opinion. not only did I want to ensure Deceptive was easily associated with Timid in some fashion, I have a very unique set of fetishes which seems to grow. added onto that I am inspired by works like Kanashiipanda but I take my own unique spin by also having the ovi-cock not block off the vagina when erect.

meh why did you add a another series this did not need a crossover it was perfect without this random crossover. hell if your gonna add another series add one you can't do with the magic there like the ponies.

Hold up. The colors of the other hives make sense if you follow the element logic, like the Kind hive being pink and funny hive being blue. That I get. Heck, the hive of loyalty being red sounds cool too. But there are flaws with the remaining elements and the hives that might embody them. The orange and purple hives sound interesting until you realize that a Changeling Hive relating to both Honesty and Generosity is a direct shift from the usual methods and personality a Changeling exhibits, which is quite problematic. Finally, we come to the main point of my review. If the six hive colors represent the colors of the original elements of harmony, how the hell does a green color fit into that spectrum? Is Chrysalis’s hive supposed to be magenta? Did the element of Magic used to be green? Is there a missing element or hive? So many unanswered questions.

Owlowiscious secretly being Wan Shi Tong is all sorts of perfection that words cannot begin to express. I can't help but wonder how the ancient knowledge spirit will effect the future plot or if he will ever reveal himself to the other characters. Also his appearance also brings up the grand question of if he exists what else exists from the Avatar universe?

“This is bad! This is really, really… say, Cadi looks pretty hot~...”

So this is why Chrysalis kidnapped her, so she could have Cadi all for herself. :rainbowlaugh:


this is why, love this author and found the idea awesome, so yeah, shameless plug of other author is shameless.

“Oh please, hypnotized food is temporary and tastes terrible, also HELLO?! This is the Princess of Love , do you not see what could occur if she was to fall in love with me? We’d have essentially a goddess of food with an unending well of affection, our honeymoon in our new hive, this city BTW, as I supercharge my new lovers’ magic to broadcast the energy of our passionate consummation across the area.”

Seriously, I couldn't see why the canon's Chrysalis won't take advantage of this fact. Normally, it won't take a genius to decide between a mortal level food source and an immortal, Goddess level one. Plus, having another bed-mate that could become anyone you desire surely is an ultra-plus in Princess of Love's eyes.

Maybe the universe have enough of her idiocy and thus decide to replace her with a more sensible human?

Cadence, you are one kinky bitch~.

...Errr, not want to disrupt anything... but have you checked on the unconscious Princess down below? If you want to make her fall for you, you should show some compassion. Probably tell her to use this opportunity to test her future husband's intent and drive?

[Insert mind explosion meme]
It all makes sense now

“No, a group of 18 ponies were found at the wall at the edge of Canterlot about to jump, Celestia tried to stop them and admitted to knowing a danger was coming to attack us, the shock from the warning meant we couldn’t stop them… Cadi, are you alright? Your eye is… twitching.”

Inhale, exale, inhale, exale
Ok now i'm bettah

But of course the ponies around us weren’t seeing that, they were just seeing a slutty guard getting off to a make-out session with the princess of love, they turned, they blushed and did everything to avert their eyes and ears but they know what they saw… and what they heard.



No, that still doesn’t answer my questions. If Loyalty= Red Gem= Red Lightning Bolt= Rainbow Dash, then explain the following formula: ???= Green Gem= Green ???= ???. While those pictures do show the green gem with the others, what actual element does it stand for, what does it look like after Nightmare Moon, and who inherited it? Those are the questions that need to be answered.

it's not meant to make sense other than they just happened to match the Elements' original colors, it's meant to make people think they match up and represent something when they don't.

or did you miss the part where Owl Guy said Discord was the reason there was six hives of different colors?

I have to agree with this. This chapter didn't make much sense and felt pretty random and out of the blue.

Yeah, could go without the avatar thing. As good as that story is. Not needed here.

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