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I can't read this. Those bonus kinks are far too outlandish and perverted for me. Have you no shame?

The road to pastel horsey hell is paved with lewd wholesome clop!

That is one sexy Chrysalis.

>those bonus fetishes
>MFW it dawns on me none of those will happen to me

Good fic. With your follower count and quality of the work and whatnot I predict a feature.

Bahahahaha! Chryssi is hoisted on her own petard! And the person who had her way with Twilight /wasn't/ Chrysalis?! Well well...

...Such Chaos this is going to cause.


none of those will happen to me

Same :fluttershbad:


How dare.

The plot, much like a blue-balled stallion's seed, thickens!

Oh my, that art :3

oh sweet baby Jesus
thumbs up

Karma can certainly be a bitch...

Is there a term for an unsmear campaign?

I think that would be designated as an "atonement offensive" :trollestia:

The way I see it, the culprit has to be Discord. He's the only one that could've seen Chrysalis pose as Celestia to seduce Twilight without being detected. He also probably posted the video of said debauchery for shits and giggles after seeing the whirlwind of chaos Celestia's video ensued.

So when will Luna get in one of these Porn Video's with Chrysalis, or how about the other Mane 6 or even Sunset Shimmer coming back from Earth through the portal for a visit.

Love your theory

To be honest. I went through the video description like it didn't matter. The story got so interesting I can't wait for another one of these. Also, knowing leech's work, I was certain that cadence will grow a new part, oh well...

It's kind of strange reading the emotional events and expressions of "Chrysalis" while with Cadance and Shining. Mainly since we know it's not her, and the real one is watching a video of this. At the same time, it seems to me she is more genuine.

Maybe "Chrysalis" is some sort of clone with a flipped personality, similar to when she created the mean six in canon.

The 'Chrysalis' in the video's Thorax, isn't it? c:
Nonetheless, yet another great story!

Love the Lazycolt chair :twilightsmile:

The video of “herself” was disquieting enough, but the recording of Twilight and Celestia raised a whole host of other questions. Chrysalis sure as hell hadn’t had a hand in it, which left her wondering who was responsible. Regardless of who, or what, had produced the recordings, one thing was certain; she was being sent a message. Though she wasn’t sure exactly what they were trying to tell her, she knew she only had one course of action. Find out whoever did it and make them pay ...

What? So there is another player in town - one that even our Spy Queen didn't know?


It would appear that someone, or something, disguised themselves as Chrysalis and proceeded to canoodle with the rulers of the Crystal Empire. As far as who, or what, is behind all this? Well, all will be revealed in time...

You turning this into a full fledged "Who Dun It?" of clop proportions is amazing and hot all at the same time. Though, I gotta say you threw me for a loop now and you've just got me more interested. Now I'm gonna have to read your clop outside of this little story line cause I really like your stuff. More clop on my RIL, Oh Darn :rainbowwild:

This anthology is absolute perfection. Great Job

The Monk

"Knowledge is power and power corrupts, so study and be evil." - Reykan

Thanks! I hope you stick around for the rest of 'em! :twilightsmile:

I am eager to see where this series is going. :raritystarry:

Chrysalis taking the same scam :rainbowkiss: Love the irony :pinkiehappy:

Good fix. Couldn't help but laugh my ass off reading it, even though it was clop lol. Who wants to bet the fake crysalis is actually thorax?

Trollestia is that you? Lol

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