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Good story my friend!!!

Cant wait for more.

ynfiltra #2 · May 2nd, 2018 · · 12 ·

the title reminds me of how i scratch my butt then sniff my fingers!:rainbowlaugh:

you just gave me a boner!:trollestia:
you have now bragging rights for it!:rainbowlaugh:

provided a job working as a farm hand at Sweet Apple Acres.

Ahh, a classic trope :yay: Nicely written though, a nice nice read!

Nice on hiding the surprise, I don't even know what was going to happen at all despite all the alluding

This was really cute. I always liked the idea that ponies smelled like sweets or fruit or spice. It's just a unique concept.

Yup, anon is one lucky guy.

I've thought about writing a similar premise, but less sexual and more slice of life.

Guess now's a good time as ever!

Go for it dude! I just wrote it kinda smutty because I'm a clop-smith. :trollestia:

Very nice, good pacing, and a joy to read. Erotic enough to be naughty without going overboard. Going in my favourites for sure.

If I may throw out one little suggestion; change sentient to sapient here.

Anon wasn’t sure what could be crazier than flying, magical, and sentient candy colored ponies and was content in not knowing what she’d been referring to.

Everything with a brain is sentient, able to feel, but thinking and reasoning on par with humans is sapient.

Kinda struggled with that bit, wasn't sure to use sapient, sentient, or intelligent. Suggestion taken!

I'll look into starting it eventually.

Didn't want to release it too soon and come off as bandwaggoning or anything.

Oh, hey what's this? A HumanxRedheart fic. Don't see many of those.

Don't mind if I do, thank'ya'vurymuch.

Kinda wanna know where that cover art is from.

Cute fic, as well. Decently paced for a one shot and a funny premise. With the traditional amount of hijinx of such a short story.
I rate this fic six marshmallow snickerdoodle smores out of wonka brand lickable wallpaper.

Scratch and Sniff? You mean Dr. Scratchansniff? With his assistant, Hello Nurse?

If you need "Being of human-equivalent (or higher) intelligence" you can use sophont.

I'm a little bit surprised someone got that relatively obscure reference! You get 5 funtime pony bucks!

obscure? That was the first thing I thought when I saw the title... and a shame if it is; it was an amazing show

That's...actually really kind of adorable. In a rather lewdly perverse way, but nonetheless

Artist is mcsweezy I believe.

That was strangely vanilla (heheheheheh) coming from you tbqh
Really nice

I wouldn't mind seeing anon ending up with different characters each chapter like a 'what if Anon approached mayor mare with the question instead of nurse red heart' alternate ending kind of thing.


Man that was a very lovely story, but now I'm kind of wonder, what did the princesses of Equestria smell like, I bet Celestia smell like cake, and Luna smell just like moon pie

Pretty vanilla, but sometimes vanilla is best. :rainbowkiss:

Alright, so you did it. Congratulations to everyone here, and elsewhere, pining for a sequel. This is your formal notice that a follow up story is on my list so I hope you're all proud of yourselves. While it will be a separate story, being able to stand on its own, it's going to address the events of their upcoming date. Y'all stay tuned and thank all of you for encouragement and kind words!!!

I’m at a loss for words...
This is an instant favorite for me from your diction alone, you used each word so carefully! As for the incredibly sexy male-on-mare affection, I honestly don’t think that you could have done it better. It was SO alluring to read; GREAT JOB!

Anon sure had a good time there. :twilightblush:

While I didn't find it arousing, I did find it humorous and cute. 9/10 would like to see the date.

There really aren't enough good Nurse Redheart x Human stories. This was well-written and very cute, and very sweet. Plus you get bonus points for making a musk/scent fic that wasn't disgusting.

*Sees title. Sees Picture. Reads story.*

*Cannot stop laughing.*

I see what you did there...


anything is possible with enough humping.

Who’s the cover art by?

whydomenhavenipples is the artist! Find 'em on Derpibooru

That was great and so damn cute:twilightsmile::heart:. Gettin' it on with Equestria's Best Nurse...Anon is a lucky guy:ajsmug:.

Men can be trained to lactate. This is why we have nipples

Damn, y'know... Redheart is just too damned cute.

500th like
Cool story bro. Sending it to my mates :trollestia:

This fic is just so nice and kinky. I love it. Nurse redheart is best nurse. I wanna be treated just like Anon even though Anon is everyone of us. Had a great time reading it on stream.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! Hope you stay tuned because there's gonna be more to come with these two! :raritywink:

I love a good Redheart fic.

I hope this gets a sequel. :twistnerd:

That was... in the best meaning of the word; nice.

The next story is completed and is slotted to be released on the 30th so, with any luck, you'll find it as "nice" as this one! :trollestia:

Reminds me of 'Ordinary Medical Procedures', though that's mostly because it's a short clop story featuring a human and Redheart. The concept of this story is rather interesting (a take on the trope that 'pony body odors smell good'), though the setup for 'OMP' was similarly weird, in a different way (Three words: 'Penis Inspection Month').

I see it's getting a follow-up? Looking forward to that.

Anon had even leaned in when Mac wasn’t looking to take a sniff and, sure enough, the pony smelled like an apple air freshener.


I'm assuming you meant insanity and not inanity.
I have never heard of a crushing grip of inanity before. :P

Fixed. Kinda surprised this snuck by for so long :fluttershbad:

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