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accidentally pawncamping a story. Hi

I liked it, found it funny that Gilda was so brazen

This was a collab with to_fat_to_fly. He's an amazing artist and a downright cool dude. Go find his stuff at (twitter.com / TFTFNSFW)

Sounds like my kind of artist. :twilightsmile:

That picture of Gilda is nowhere in his Twitter feed or on Derpibooru. Where can the full picture be found?

He should be posting it shortly

Aw, this story is so cute! Very hot, steamy sex, and character building. It’s great and wonderful!

I still fucking hate Gilda.

Leech posting something with my kind interests???

Impossible, the world must be ending

Awesome work btw, loved that end

Maybe the Applejack or Dash stories I'm working on will win you over

I mean, what?

Sign me up, I love Appledash! Hope it doesn’t have any of your bizarre plot twists though, like it involving foreign creatures joining in or them both having dicks or something.

Just some good 'ol human lovin

I mean, HUH?!

A human x Gilda fic that is a finished fic? Hallelujah.

Oh, so no pony? Am very sad.

I mean, Dash and AJ are ponies

Your ones more featured with this story congrats!

Definitely getting added to one of my favorites. I love gilda stories and definitely not enough of them are out there finished. I can't wait for your next story (and maybe a sequel for this one?)

That was hot. Always like seeing the great catbird!

defo needs a sequal or something similar, Great work, as always, Your Floody-ness

Gilda trembled above him, her thighs quivering heavily, as the pitch of her mewling raised several octaves.

Kinda curious here, how can a bird's beak produce the mewling sound?

Think lusty, high pitched moans

That ass that breached the Interspecies relationship. Worth of a note in the history books :eeyup:

Sequel with her pussy running a parkour or three? :raritystarry:

A Gilda/human fic? Oh boy, can't wait to get around to reading this.

I’m surprise is no romance tag in it I know they just meet but hey they seem to really like each other and weirder things have happened in the show

Always up for some GIlda action.


Would clop again.

To be honest, I never found Gilda all too attracting to nail. After reading this masterpiece, I might have to consider the possibility.

Haven’t read it yet, just wanting to say the premise reminds me of Stamina by Fizzles. Anon goes to a bar, runs into a group of Griffons that include Gilda, Gilda and Anon get their freak on, they fight for dominance during sex, all the good stuff. Will certainly enjoy this the same way.

Do you have any links to that story? Inquiring minds are ... interested. ;)

Update. After finally getting around to reading this, I can safely say that it is a very well done fic. Short but sweet.

I don't see enough Gildaxhuman stuff nowadays so I appreciate you making this. More power to you for the future, dear author. :moustache:

Please make a sequel!

She walked like a pony, having a typical four-legged gate, and her size was comparable to the average Equestrian denizen, but the similarities ended there.

I think you mean "gait", not "gate". A "gate" is a passage way, typically found in a fence, whereas a "gait" is a way a lifeform moves. Both words have the same pronunciation, though.

He’d thought about doing the do with a mare countless times, even getting off to the notion, but he hadn’t been lucky enough to breach the interspecies boundary - at least, not yet .

You put a space between "yet" and the period.

Heh, nice!

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