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I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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Damn a virgin story ready to be commented on... yesss:rainbowkiss:

How often did Anon made her cum to make her rise the Sun? :rainbowdetermined2:

Discord is a nice dude :twilightsmile:

Nice chapter :yay:

Wait... Heat... O my! :pinkiegasp:
Fun times ahead :rainbowwild:

Damn. Supernova incoming :rainbowkiss:

Dawww... Wholesome end comedic end :raritystarry:
Nice sex :yay:

This series is hella good, also, Black--Soul, I see you everywhere fam.

*<>* i believe discord started Celestias' estrus - with the intent of spreading chaos

> grumbles something about sowing the seed of chaos...

“Sure, but I’m pretty sure that they haven’t had a Princess christen the train,” he blithely rebuked, lifting his head to gaze up at her. “If we don’t intend on ignoring the mess, we can play rock-paper-scissors for who brings the linens to an attendant.”

joke's on you, princess can only throw rock

“You don’t have to humor me, I of all ponies know that the royal flank is a bit on the large side,”

And that is why you are best princess. The bigger the pony, the battle the better the pony.


Preach, Brother!

Granted I get bit insane with macro themes in my stories. Where Celestia grows to ridiculous sizes. I personally find that hot but I can understand not everyone wants to see Celestia go supernova size.

I regards to the story. I have a strange feeling that Discord watched the two get intimate. And is possibly secretly following them. Perhaps disguising himself as an inanimate object.

This was great! So glad that you made a third one!

Couple of tiny errors here. Only pointing them out because I refuse to see a masterpiece be held back.
Remove a T.

Thought she’d somehow managed to down nearly half of her smoothie, she felt downright parched. “If I were to say you could sit on my back, would you think less of me?”

Add a R.

As she’d suspected, having him resting atop her gave her goosebumps, but there was more than that; even through his trousers, the heat of groin permeated to and through her delicate coat.

So, what are the odds of Anon impregnating Celestia just now?

This series... just... an amazing combination of 'awww' and 'unf'.

Thanks for continuing this story!
We've got an interesting setup going on here.

  • Discord is interfering
  • Anon has his suit of armor
  • They're going to see Cadence

What will happen next?
Who will have to clean up the linens?
Will the server who made the smoothies get a generous tip?
Will they stop at any other points of interest?

Waiting until the overworked and slightly grumpy alicorn had disappeared down an adjacent hallway, Anon leaned in and brought his face to Celestia’s ear. “Maybe we should do something nice for her. I mean, we did kind of cause her trouble.”

Get her a relationship.

“Remind me to ask you about that later,” he chuckled, somewhat relieved to hear that it wasn’t the first time that they’d caused trouble among themselves.

Remind me as well.

Though he couldn’t see her expression, a peculiar noise caught his ear. It almost sounded like a deep sigh, but it was repeated twice in rapid succession. Odd though the instance was, he didn’t have much time to dwell on it; the distant sound of a train whistle reminded him that they needed to get to the station and board.

Was she crying?

Peering into town, seeing ponies come and go from the various shops, Anon was knocked off balance for a second time. Glancing over at his lover, who’d practically glued herself to his side, he found himself grinning down at her. It wasn’t out of turn for her to be affectionate, but this somehow felt different, almost lacking her usual gentle touch. “Are you sure you’re ok?”

How can he grin down at her when she’s bigger?

Content to walk with his hand on her shoulder, though puzzled by her unusual behavior, he savored her company. Soon enough they’d be trundling to the north-lands and they’d forget all about the strange and somewhat embarrassing morning - that’s what he kept telling himself anyways. Try as he might, he couldn’t shake the suspicion that something was amiss...

Yup, discord did something.

Well, let’s see where this goes.

Her lover could run laps around anypony she’d been with or heard of, and that wasn’t even counting his obscenely short refractory period!

What does that mean?


Time between rounds basically.

Now I wonder what did she meant in the previous chapter by 'Luna help her take care of it' What do they have a spell specially to dry them up but can't cast them on themselves?

“Make love with me.”

The mutuality of love in this statement is absolutely wonderful. Even though all you did is change the word to, to well, it made the statement ineffably more powerful!

The romantic element makes this story shine over all of the other clop stories I’ve read thus far! I implore you to continue this series when you get the time—it scratches that Tia x Human itch that I am hard-pressed to sate, due to the large number of ooc, fling stories out lately that fail to foster any sort of emotional connection between the reader and the characters (not to mention how objectivizing some of them are!).

I can only read the greats so many times before I simply memorize them through and through and they begin to lose their magic, after all—but! This little series? At the rate it’s going? It will inexorably take a spot up there with those greats. Of that, I am certain.

So, with all my ranting out of the way, I hereby officially acknowledge your status as a grade A+ author, and as a monument to all of our sins!

Stay safe and keep it up!

Glad you enjoy this series. Writing these is sort of a guilty pleasure of mine.

If you do like it, I have an absolutely titanic novel in the works that you may enjoy. (Chrysalis/Anon Romantically Smutty Comedy)

Well, I will certainly on board for that story :twilightsmile:

Hmmmm, lemme see...

*Quickly reads the previous story*

Just once. But It was a BIG one :trollestia:

“And I thought Pinkie Pie would be the one to give me diabetes,

Its night and im tired but you wouldn't get Diabetes you would most likely get type 2 diabetes from all pinkie pies sugary treats

I think.

Regardless, Pinkie's cooking would wage an onslaught on your pancreas

Now I can't stop but thinking what would happen if anon would threesome Princess Celestia and Princess Luna
sun and moon cartwheeling back and forth with "DING" giving everyone epilepsy as discord explains to everyone in his best "outsourced tech support voice" some made up bullshit for why it is happening

“Sure, but I’m pretty sure that they haven’t had a Princess christen the train,” he blithely rebuked, lifting his head to gaze up at her. “If we don’t intend on ignoring the mess, we can play rock-paper-scissors for who brings the linens to an attendant.”

are you planning on making a chapter solely dedicated to this?

It would be touched on in a sequel, yes XD

Those of us in the rail industry lovingly refer to this activity as joining the mile-long club. Keep up the good work.

I'll definitely keep that in mind XD

Hey Some Leech, I love your stories they have been awesome, but I was wondering if you could make some Princess Luna x Anon stories like you've done for Princess Celestia?

At some point, sure, I probably could

I want to see the possibility that's celestia's pregnant and they both confront Discord for causing Celestia to go into heat early, another story!

This was good, ANOTHER ONE!

How tall is this dude?

It seems that Celestia can manage to look him in the eyes if she keeps her head fully up. It looks like her back is about the height of the bottom of his sternum, so about 140 cm (14 hands I think) at the withers.

If that’s true, then how long is her neck?

short trip through the locomotive took

Uh... you usually do NOT go through the locomotive as it is a technical/engineering zone and so dangerous, smelly and full of oil, smoke and soot...

shame in bearing one’s self to one’s lover,

baring [maybe?]

Hmm If you look at how Princess Celestia is shown in the show her head can move about half of her withers height above or below the withers so about 70 cm with the previous assumption. I think I've to revise the height estimation from before to 120 cm at the withers and a total max height of 180 [Excluding the horn]

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