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I...I am a monument to all your sins...


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And so the journey continues...

Kinks Include:... Possible OSHA Violations,...

Finally, some of that good shit.

Some Leech is always pushing the boundaries of the acceptable :rainbowlaugh:.

I see a Kerfuffle fic...I read. This one was nice.

Triv_ #5 · Aug 21st, 2021 · · 1 ·

Kerfuffle fic? heckin praise the sun!

Always a pleasure to see some lewd Kerfuffle.

KERFUFFLE! Man, I needed this!

My bets are on Celestia deleting memories after ponies have sex

That means he has to reintroduce her to it before she can impose her cruel hoof over Equestria again!

Best mare of that rainbow roads special, Kerfuffle totally deserves the lovin'.

But my main question is why I doubt they would be able to get rid of the memories of both cadence and shining armour without their consent but what about the rest of the guard would they be allowed to keep them and how long would it take also what’s to stop ponies like the pirate sharing what they learned to other creatures and going into territory’s that the sisters don’t have direct control over

tree of harmony mabey? would have more reach i think

Fun story, and hot. Looking forward to the next entry in this series. I noticed a few homophone issues, though. (Fare/fair, not/naught, and illusive/elusive) Which is a stupid thing to complain about in clop, I know, but it’s become something of pet-peeve of mine over the years.

I wonder how celestia is tracking him , possibly using luna's dream realm to zero in on ponies, birds dreaming of him with her help, what's twilight doing to assist her mentor ?

Sweet! One of my favorite horses. I don't know why every fashion horse is a butt slut but far be it from me to complain about our good fortune. Stuffle that Kerfluffle duffel while you can, Anon.

I can scarcely wait to see just how long the list of charges is going to be at his trial. And nice choice of cover art, by the way. One of Longi's best.

Taking notes for entirely academic reasons and definitely not making secret copies for her private use.

This is quickly becoming a favourite series.

I just hope I keep getting lucky with these!

"Hey everybody, did the news get around
about a guy named Butcher Pete!" :rainbowwild:

Anyways, keep up the good work, Some Leech!~ :raritywink:

"will massage for... Anything."

Oh, Pete just flew into this town
And he's choppin' up all the women's meat

This is funny and lewd.
I love it, I hope you continue it

I have every intention to - in fact, I've already written the next story in the series

>inb4 annon fucks some sort higher diety then alicorns XD

This train needs to keep going on for awhile.

It will, no worries

Lol at the end of this ride i hope anon will have a lot of foals and more pregnant ponies, griffons, birds and other females of other races that would be a great ultimate "punishment" he gets for sleeping around all over Equis

This was a another awesome sequel.

Damn fine streak of adventures :yay:

Her vehement plea instantaneously addressed his concerns, virtually fueling his passion into a roaring inferno. If she wanted him to plunder his booty, by all the stars in the night sky, he was more than happy to pound her plush posterior into oblivion. With little more than his determination, strength, and his zeal, he set to railing her ass like it was his job.

You said his booty I think you meant her

It would seem that fashionable mares tend to be buttsluts in the fandom, if this mare and Coco Pommel are any indication.

dov #32 · May 17th · · ·

I kinda want for Anon to meet her again in the new timeline, that would be sweet.

I am determined to finish this series, and it’s not too hard since the past couple have been short but great reads, but I simply can’t help notice that Leech has their fingers glued to ctrl+i lol. Not a bad thing, just something I’ve noticed!:twilightsmile::rainbowlaugh:

If it’s any help, it doesn’t take away from the stories at all! Just think of it as a trademark!:twilightblush::scootangel:

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