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I...I am a monument to all your sins...


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Lovemaking, an Exceedingly Romantic Makeout Session, Affectionate Post-Coitus Spooning

Passionate Claw Holding and Kissing on the Beak

That's way too much lewd.

I think this is one of the best so far, not too graphic or in your face but with a great tender love shown between the couple.

I've tried to give all of these distinctive tones

If you haven't guessed, Silverstream's is decadently romantic...

What else would you expect from this unabashed degenerate? Other authors stick to just plain porn, but no ol' Some Leech, no sir! No, this humble author has to go that extra step, cross that final line, describe in glaring detail the most taboo of acts.

And we're all a bunch of debased monkeys who applaud this utter destruction of all that is pure, and eagerly consume every installment as it arrives. We're complicit in this debauchery...

Oh well, new story to read, so I'm out ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ!

Despite knowing it was impossible for a human to inseminate a hippogriff


“Say, do humans have anything like this? Ya know, super big sculptures or carvings!” she continued, her excitable nature getting the better of her.

Umm... Give me a minute, and I might be able to think of a few... :rainbowlaugh:

Choosing to remain silent, Anon plodded alongside his guide. Fleeing the town commons, heading towards the outskirts, he quietly mulled his options.

Playing in Anon's head at that moment:

Also, is it wrong that this story has me on Team Silvernon (after he's plowed the purple pony princess plot, of course)? :twilightblush:

I have the feeling that Yona would be majorly pissed off at this, and I am looking forward to reading about her absolutely "smashing" installment in the series lol

Oh boy, this one is def my fav in the entire series

And that's why she's top tier.

This was amazing! I can see why you said prior to its release that it was your favorite. Real, genuine love between the two! I really want Anon to go with her; it's too bad we have two other candidates to explore who are just in it for the sex.

Are you kidding? Those are the best parts!

I'm worried for poor Anon.

Woah. This has got to be amongst your best works. Such descriptions! So tantalizingly romantic :heart:

That may be a presumption on his part...

Well I won't spoil anything, but...
If you think Anon doesn't remember the thorough pelvic thrashing he received, you'd be mistaken...

I still hope she succeeds. They are a cute and passionate couple who genuinely care about one another. I'm throwing all my bits to this bet here.

I shall ready the Nigel thornberry memes then lol

10036674 I can already imagine what hell is going to be awaiting him when its Yona's turn. What is even better is that I am also thinking that Yona will take him home to see the family, and oh god it is already gonna be messy.

Passionate Claw Holding and Kissing on the Beak

Exclamation: How debaucherous!

I’ll take any excuse for more sexy Silverstream content.

I feel like of all the young six, Silverstream and Anon would probably be the best couple to have a little one on the way.

I really like this two. Beast of all for now.

Sooo. . . Silverstream wins. That's just kind of it. I don't care how much game Yona and Gallus can spit, ain't nothing gonna stack up to something as soul-warmingly depraved as what happened here.

How I feel right now

In case it didn’t take you to the scene, here’s the time stamp 4:16. I couldn’t find a clip with just the two talking, so I had to link the full thing. Disappointing, I know.

Silverstream wins

Holy fuck my feels. You absolutely bullseyed my feels.


Wow, you really outdid yourself with this chapter!
At this point I just can't imagine anon choosing any of the others over Silverstream.

You gotta love the guy whose effigy gets featured on a mlp porn story and forgives them for it:trollestia:


I would have to admit if I ended up in Equestria with this situation, I would be torn between wanting Ocellus and Silverstream...

If y'all think Silverstream's tale is the only one tinged with feelz - well - I've got some bad news for y'all...

Not going to lie, take that Foalcon tag off and that list is EXACTLY my fetish.

I admit that my degeneracy knows no end and that there is a special spot in hell reserved for me.

Also "The alicorn's solution was simple and elegant" you haven't been playing Ace Combat have you?

But it has to be their because Silverstream is so young...... If you like Silverstream that means you do like Foalcon and since none of this is real there is nothing wrong with it.

If it makes you feel any better, I put the 🤔 by it for a reason

Personally, I consider them like highschool seniors - young adults

“You’ve already got it figured out,” he replied, watching the clouds drift by. “You see it for what it is. Sure, you lot might be able to shift between seaponies and hippogriffs, but they’re both part of who you are - unlike your parents, you understand that,” he continued, rolling on his side to face her. “As far as I’m concerned, you’re the best of both worlds, and I wouldn’t choose either part of you over the other…”


Well I might be wrong , but who knows what effect near constant exposure to arcane energy has on a human's biology i.e. it might be theoretically possible for Anon to reproduce with one or several of Equestria's dominant races.

P.S. Thank for making this Some Leech and please make multiple endings for the series so that every option can be explored.

If Anons decision is gonna be a fan vote, then I’m all for Silverstream. Idk just having him with anyone else seems like there’ll be more issues/weirdness in his life, whereas with her they both just click and they seem like they’ll get through it all no matter what.

I think Silverstream has this in the bag. I don't see Yona doing well TBH; especially after last time and how things went.

Given that typical Anons are violently "no homo" and their masochism doesn't extend to physical pain, I have to agree.

I really, really hope he chooses Silverstream. I love all the romance between the two.

I must warmly admit of the three so far Silverstream has the best relationship with Anon. Sure the others had good times and fun but this is the first one to seemingly have more emotional weight to it. Anon helped Silverstream at least partially with an issue she was having and he feels happy with her. Unlike the others the connection between them just felt different.

Plus she's gonna grow into one fine piece of tail she already aside from Yona has fullest endowments.

When you adding the conflict of Silversteam and both of her form. I thought this fiction will have something more to do with her seapony form too. And when Anon told her that he love both side of her. I expect him to show her the love he have for the seapony side of her too, not just hippogriff.

But in the end. It's only Hippogriff..It seem like I expect too much for this one...

Yeah, she was basically a rapist.

Passionate claw holding!!! Ewwww ya sick freak😀

It seems Silverstream will be head mare then.
Wait, did they do it in public???

Same! Was kinda wondering if Anon would get a guest pass and turn into a Merman, too.

Loved how passionate this was. You make a strong case for this being the pairing to win out. Also, with how long this series is, have you thought about compiling all the separate stories together as chapters in one story for ease of reading?

Somehow I think that the 'contracts' are going to be null and void, because the Princess realized that Anon was making more of 'monogamy' that he really should.

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