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TittySparkles is pretty based, writes great porn that I can rub one off to on a weekly basis, and she has no problem telling societies leftie rejects to fuck off. - Anonymous

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Anyone who has Autumn Blaze as a picture is a favourite of mine.

Ok that was pretty hot!
Thumbs up!

Would like this better if it was aged up so it isn’t foal con but other than that great fic my dude.

I got the distinct impression it was aged up....I kinda sensed a college atmosphere, that and pinkie pie is married had a foal and grown old.
Foalcon tag is probably just in case.

Pretty much this. Even near the end I had Gallus reference his dorm room, considering dorms are college specific. I tagged Foalcon as a safety measure

For some reason I read your name as TittySprinkles lol.

That picture is hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

But they had dorms in the original school of friendship as well, so in this instance it isn't exactly college specific but yeah. Just putting in my two cents. Haven't read it yet, looking forward to it.

“She’s right you know,” Anon said, looking from her to Gallus. “You gotta look at the positives in life, my Birb.”


Who's to say they weren't college freshman age in the show?

Also, sequel?

This has sequel written all over it

God that picture is amazing.

Now I got that song stuck in my head lol


Dorm rooms aren't college/uni specific. Some private high schools provide dorm lodging for long distance students and many boarding schools still provide dorms for their schools, considering they were kinda named for the concept. While this is likely still a few years after the show as told by ponka having settled down, it doesn't completely rule out them being teenagers so it's a maybe

*Reads chapter title*

Well That Escalated Quickly

Doesn't it always? Lol! :rainbowlaugh: But in all seriousness that was very entertaining. Always enjoyable to read a story about best student as well! She's such a delightful ball of charisma!

In the back of the classroom stationed at the furthest desk to the left

Ah, yes, the traditional anime protag seat. Perfect for scenes of staring listlessly out the window.

Which isn't entirely accurate, because some teachers have second-row zoning. As in, you may think you're safe in the last row, but you're actually safe in the first one, because who the hell* would risk not being a good teacher's pet if they're directly in the line of fire?! ;-]

* the smart ones, that's who

With their race often being depicted as rude, sarcastic, and blunt (...).

Well, to be perfectly honest I always imagined that it'd be griffons, rather than ponies, that'd make friendship material for humans. Herbivores' winning strategy is cooperation and fitting-in, while carnivores (and often omnivores) tend to value competition and individual strength quite a bit more. I always thought we'd get along just swell, after the initial bouts of "yes, we can both kick each other's asses just fine". Ponies are nice and all, and I don't mind cooperation really... but sometimes you just want a little challenge, and sometimes you just want someone who understands secrecy and personal space. Ponies don't.

Loved the story, as well as the cover image! :pinkiehappy:

Wait, if Silverstream is presenting her entire plan in front of the whole class in the thumbnail, then shouldn't they all know what is going on between her and Anon?

Just a thought.

He simply thought she was just attempting to relax herself

Well, yes, she is. :pinkiehappy:
He just didn't suspect just how relaxed that she meant to get :twilightoops:

That was hotter than I expected. I'm not normally a fan of masturbation and voyeurism fics but I saw Silverstream and thought "well this will probably be inordinary one way or another". I was right.

That's one way to avert boredom in the classroom!

Shameless birdies! Why Headmare Twilight, anypony or any creature do not interrupt the whole situation? I suppose, in this fic, they entirely don't care at all and wouldn't mind to join in to the party. :heart:

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