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TittySparkles is pretty based, writes great porn that I can rub one off to on a weekly basis, and she has no problem telling societies leftie rejects to fuck off. - Anonymous


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Smart pony without a special somepony is liable to do it even with his sister's moans helping.

Having a sister i can honestly say nothing like that ever happened.
Nope never.....
Not once..

That was... way hotter than it should have been. Greenthumb Tittysparkles, all of my greenthumb

Welp....that happened. And I think it says something about me that I was barely phased by it. Wonderful story!

Lol That wasn't to bad. Never had that happen before though.

“The most gifted unicorn in the prince Solaris’ school and even the personal student to the prince himself...” he spoke out as he gave his hooves one last wipe on the sheets. “Has the focus to do expert level spells yet doesn’t have the restraint to ignore his sister’s moans while she showers. How is this my life?”

Everypony has their vices Dusk Shine :rainbowlaugh:

For some reason, the connotation of clopping and penises sounds very, very painful.

He was right
You really are everyone's perverted older sister

4427237 That's why we love her.

I just have to stop for a second and say that I hated you so much until I finally just got a bunch of firebombs and abused the shit out of doorways.

4428266 Your rage only makes me harder. :) Seriously, just toss some shit at me and I'll run away.

Rolling about in hopes his arousal would go away, it only got worse as another moan played out from the bathroom.


I've been in this fandom too long when this stuff doesn't even phase me anymore.

Keep up the good work.

Dumb fucking AI, after a backstab turning his back to you for another.

4429021 Hey! I'm not dumb... I just thought the fight was over and that you were trying to give me a hug. Why is the Chosen Undead such a cunt!?

Edit: not talking about you friend, Judd Dark Souls in general.

Sooo, any chance of a possible sequel that has naughty brother/sister together time? :rainbowwild:

Even worse was that the head of his bed was positioned towards the bathroom so every time he would be in his room, he could hear who was showering and even heard every little thing they did.

Pretty sure if you can hear them, then they can hear you.


4428316 i.imgur.com/CnEtYaS.gif
Remember! You're here forever!


I have 4 sisters in my family and I am the eldest.....None of what happen in the fic didn't happen in my life.
Never and Nope

If I weren't tired from awake for almost 23 hours because my body refuses to go to bed I will just leave a 'nice story' a fav. and a like and be on merry, tired, way.:ajsleepy:

Funnily enough, I've lived in my room for over a decade now, the upstairs shower is in the room next to mine behind the thin wall where my bed's headboard sat against. Thankfully I neither have sisters and my family is wise enough to know how thin the walls are, so I never had to worry about this situation.

That is until, of course, the first morning my brother's girlfriend stayed over and decided to take a shower.

Breakfast was awkward.

I have never had this happen to me, my house had thick walls.
4429631 Do you think she cared? I don't.
And Dusk, find a mare and rut her already. That will help you calm down.

And TittySparkles, it's obvious you are a woman by your inexperience of cleaning up semen. You don't wipe it on the sheets! Not even if you are changing them later that day! Not even if you live alone. Not even if you do the laundry yourself. If you have gotten it in your (body) hair you would understand how hard it is to get out, forget fabrics.:raritydespair:
I'm not sure how girls "clean up" but that's not the way men are supposed to.:rainbowwild:

I feel like this could be taken somewhere. If not this story specifically, something to do with one/some/all of the R63'd Mane cast, in a story-story way. Ya know, with plot and stuff.

If you feel like it, that would be cool. No harm done otherwise.

If she knows that he can hear her and she keeps doing it, that implies that there is some interest.

You are a sad, sad little man, aren't you?

I meant you have never mentally indulged or fantasied about forbidden acts. Get a adrenaline rush from it. Nowhere did I say you raped your sister.

4429934 Dat double negative...:moustache:

I took a shower together with my step sister once. It was nice, even if nothing sexual happened.

4434046 I guess I've been cleaning up wrong then :applejackunsure:

10/10 would fa- *ahem* read again.

I was waiting to him to hear his sister moan out, "Oh, Dusk!" at the end :rainbowlaugh:

4470162 that whould be amazing

4434046 what? i wipe on the sheets it's not that hard hell a go through the washer and there perfect iv never had any problems.

Comment posted by Emerald Shield deleted Jul 13th, 2014

4443700 Plot twist: You're also a female.

4683858 plot twist: I am not! But I kinda want to be...

The actual reason nothing *ahem* "mature" happened was cause we where only 9 and 8.

4684322 We all wonder what it would be like to be the opposite sex. Which then leads to wondering if having sex with yourself is considered masturbation. Which then leads to wondering how screwing yourself would be like. Which then leads to wondering how the kid would be like. Which then leads to wondering if the kid would have all your best traits, worst traits, or a perfect clone. Which then leads...

Wait, I feel like I'm the only one this far out...

4684375 Naw. t'is regular.

4684375 If that is far out for you then you must be a little shallow minded (not that that is a bad thing). Out here on the deep end of the pool I once spent an entire day (after waking up from a rather odd dream) wondering about this stuff.

4684524 it's just... TittySparkles is to perverted, crazy, and worst of all creative for OUR good

4684524 which, by the way, isn't a bad thing, let's make that very clear

Perversion, insanity, creativity... Sounds like all the best traits for an artist and/or murderer.

4684580 that's prolly why we keep reading Titty's stuff right?


Wanting to provoke it further, and at the same time start to get herself off properly, Gleaming started to swirl her hoof against her slit, and, using the sensation to fuel her voice, she let out another moan, this time slightly more carnal and needy. Part of her wanted to moan his name and see the reaction she would get. No doubt he would sit up straight and stare wide eyed at the wall before she would let off another moan and cause him to reach down and start stroking himself feverishly.

This is from TittySparkles' "The Perverted Ambitions of an Older Sister," basically Gleaming's point of view in this. Nuff said.

4684629 Read it when I woke up this morning.

4684461 Hey, don't judge me. I don't know how to swim.

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