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It's the rule of making MLP fiction, everyone has to do it, even Anti-Bronies like me

Mykan Stevens (Voiced by me, but NOT AT ALL a real version of me) A young astronaut, while making a solo flight around the Earth, gets sucked into a portal that takes him to the Dimensional Universe where he must cope and live with the ponies, while under extreme suspicion as well as the ponies now face what could be certain danger.

Only Mykan knows the truth of what is happening, but most of the ponies do not believe him and think him a spy.

Will Mykan find a way to convince the ponies, and will he ever be able to return home to Earth?

Chapters (2)

Two weeks before the 1000th Summer Sun Celebration, Moondancer discovers a forgotten spell scrawled across the pages of an ancient book. Casting it threatens to turns her world upside down: faced with glimpses of an Equestria contradicted by historians, she must use all of her intellect to piece together the mystery surrounding Mage Meadowbrook, Princess Celestia, and the mare with the mane of stars—before the project destroys everything she's worked for.

It's a good thing she can rely on Twilight Sparkle for help.

Thematically inspired by, but not a crossover with, the movie of the same name.

Chapters (2)

[This story takes place in The Magic is Friendship, parts one and two]

Nightmare Moon has returned, and has hidden the Elements of Harmony. She takes Twilight and does things to her. What does one do when so called blessed?

Chapters (2)

Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship, has had a lot on her plate recently. Even when she's not busy and even though she has Sunset to keep her company now, she still feels the need to get away from Equestria for awhile.

Twilight Sparkle, current student of Canterlot High, has been wanting for a long time to see Equestria for herself, to understand the origins of her powers.
Surely there must be a way for them to both get what they want. What's the worst that could happen?

Better yet, what's gonna happen between Luna and Rainbow Dash?

Something feels familiar about all this...

Chapters (1)

The Mane 6 plays the game Jeopardy as been recommended by Pinkie to play it forcefully. Would they will win every challenge's question they get?

Chapters (1)

I have lost almost everything. I have lost almost everything and I can not get it back. I have lost it forever. The worst part is that I do not regret loosing it and I certanly do not want to change the past even if it means that I would get the thing that I lost back.

No sex, just mild hints.

Cover art by me, all of it, down to the writing - yes that is my handwriting.

Written for Jake The Army Guy's Horse Words Extravaganza contest. It is the first time that I entered a contest.

Chapters (1)

A look into the daily life of everyone's favorite Egghead Twilight Sparkle. If you have ever wondered what our favorite Librarian and her number 1 assistant get up to on a normal day in Ponyville, well this may just give you some insight.

Chapters (1)

Greed, Lust, Rage, Pride, Envy, Gluttony, and Sloth, the seven dragon's sins that Spike has to hold tight inside the back of his mind each day of his life in order to grow up as the best and most reliable dragon this world could have.

Unfortunately for him, his own expertise at keeping those sins at bay make it impossible for his friends to notice his daily struggles. That is until the day Rainbow Dash teased the dragon enough to pop a genius idea into the chaotic mind of Discord.

Chapters (1)

I've spent twelve years as a nurse, now. Nurse Redheart, helping the ailing ponies of Ponyville, caring for them all. Twelve years! So many memories, so many regrets. And yet one night, a decade ago, I remember with particular sorrow - for on that one, terrible night, I failed...

Note: This story largely concerns Bright Mac and Pear Butter, but they don't have character icons yet. I shall edit the characters as soon as they become available.

Chapters (1)

Unbeknownst to her subjects, the reason why Celestia wears her crown and jewelry isn't just for fashion or to show her power, but it's actually to sustain her near unlimited power. And by that, she grows into a giant in a few seconds. It hasn't been done, until now, when a letter from an old friend is sent to her.

Unbeknownst to his subjects, the now retired Dragonlord Torch has a history with Celestia, and the royal family of Canterlot. And, one he doesn't bring up, is his past, for personal reasons, of course.

Chapters (2)
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