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In the aftermath of the Storm King's defeat, Tempest makes amends with Grubber and finds out that there is more between them than even she expected. Grubber is just as equally surprised.

Cover art by Karimus-Galaktion

Chapters (1)

Even though she now likes Pears ever since she learned her mother was one, she never thought she herself would fall for one. She thought it was impossible.

Chapters (4)

There are two ways to explain, the long, and the short. This is the long. Me and a few friends went to a Con dressed as our favorite characters from the show Slugterra, I went dressed as Eli Shane, my friends went as Kord Zane, a Cave Troll and certified engineer, Trixie Sting, Slug expert and second in command, Pronto the insert-word-here, expert at tracking and when it comes to getting down and dirty, Will Shane, youngest member ironically and substitute leader, Thaddeus Blakk, genius inventor and slugslinger, Tad Blakk second oldest, elder brother of the one who dressed up as Thaddeus Blakk, and third in command, Twist, our infiltration expert and tactition, and finally Dana Por, our team's thief. We had bought an entire set of Slugs and Ghouls from the 'Merchant' and based off rumors he was supposed to send us somewhere in an alternate Equestria. Our situation turned out very different, he brought parts of Equestria to OUR Earth who started to convert others into Ponies, Minotaurs, Gryphons, Diamond Dogs, you name it, they turned 'em. The worst part is they all had their emotions drained from their psyches, their brain and Heart, except for joy and happiness. One of my best friends managed to keep a video log after he got converted, forcefully, into Discord of all things before his memories were wiped completely and decided to wonder about the world looking for his purpose. I still have those logs and am going to show them to the Mane 6 when they somehow manage to find their way down here, if they do. Now my team the Neo-Shane Gang are immortal thanks to that magic blast that occured when Equestria was brought here turning us into our characters and bringing our collection to life who lead the survivors to our new home, our own Slugterra, and protect each and every Cavern from the more unsavory types.

Dark and Horror tags because of Conversion Bureau.

Chapters (1)

Alex Mets has moved to a new town to try and get a blank slate. New friends, no drama, and good grades. It seems like a great idea until his first day at Canterlot High. Some bizarre hazing ritual for the new kid coordinated by a girl with cotton candy hair, a British teacher – sorry – “Doctor” who is really excited about physics, and people keep talking about magic.

The Syndrome Playlist is the only thing keeping Alex’s sanity intact. Music guides him through the ups and downs of his high school career as he fights awkward teenage romance, body odor covered with Axe body spray, and this strange new world.

Because music and Haagen-Dazs are cheaper than therapy.

Chapters (2)

In which several drabbles surrounding the before mentioned boisterous earth pony and before mentioned adorkable girlfriend are produced, each one as self indulgent and tooth-rotting fluffy as the last.

Chapters (1)

Friendship hasn't always been an easy thing for Sunset Shimmer. Even with what she's done in the past, she's still found those who care and cherish her. There are still times where she doesn't feel worthy of such friends, though... and it's at those times Sunset visits a particular grave at the cemetery.

When it comes to the world of MLP: EQ, there are some questions that we don't have the full answer too, such as why the magic is effecting things in the world like it is, or just what Sunset is when it comes to being with the Elements of Harmony. This story is one such question that I've yet seen answered.

Chapters (1)

And your assistant, and your mailman, and your grocer and your friend...

Inspired by a thread asking people how they felt about stories featuring Anon, where I said it's just a name and it's no worse than a thousand Bob's in Equestria. I apologize profusely for this resulting monstrosity.

Chapters (1)

Bright Flight, an inquisitive pegasus, resumes his school studies in a town called Ponyville. Although he is a pegasus, he doesn't show that he is; he doesn't like the Wonderbolts but he does like to be read books and study. His class find it... strange and begin to question him.

He is now in 6th grade but also begins to think; things ponies shouldn't think about. This leads him to try and figure out a rare question, "How and why are rainbows created?" Although it may seem simple, this little colt has asked everyone but no one knows. With the help of a few more 6th graders, maybe they'll find the answer. However, a large mystery have their delays; research, bullies, assignments and restricted areas of access.

Let's see how this story plays out, shall we?

Like before, this is a story where I will be altering a lot of things during its production.

Tagged Mystery for obvious reasons.
Tagged Other because of character/s Bright Flight

Chapters (1)

When Fluttershy was a filly, she wanted four things when she grew up: a nice home, a stallion by her side, a foal or two to make a family, and a place where all her animal friends could live and be happy. Now, with her animal sanctuary finally completed, she takes a quiet moment and considers some of her other goals.

Chapters (1)

Sunburst has been described as the pony that knows everything about magic, yet he is untalented in casting spells. But when a certain tragedy befell upon somepony he knows, can he successfully cast the most important spell in his life by himself?

A little emotional fic I wrote to improve myself at writing. Do point out my mistakes constructively if I made any.

Cover art source: https://starbat.deviantart.com/art/MLP-Two-Sides-of-Sunburst-648790168

Chapters (2)
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