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The Rider, otherwise known as the Spirit of Vengeance has made every criminal in Eastern Los Angeles fear the dark. Why? Because in the dark, you never know when The Rider will descend upon you and force you to repent for what you did. Whether it be a prison sentence from the authorities, which rarely happens, being scarred for life mentally, or being slain for the crimes and sins you've committed. But for some reason, as soon as almost all the gangs in East LA have been brought down, the Rider disappears. And no one knows why. Maybe it was Gods way to help cleanse the sinful in East LA. Or he just disappeared. As to why, no one will ever know the answer. That is, except for the Rider himself, Robbie Reyes.

Chapters (1)

When a wizard creates a spell that allows stories to come to life, familiar characters from the Prince and the Raven starts to blend into the world of Equestria. Will they be able to return back to their world? Will this world repeat the same story from theirs that Princess Tutu would be the only one to save them as well? Or will Drosselmeyer return again to control their world?

Chapters (4)

Twilight Sparkle never imagined being a princess would be so hard. Or so boring at times.

So when she tried to be impulsive, she just doesn’t quite get how to do it. What’s a mare to do?

I really want to thank my pre-readers for their input on this one.

Chapters (1)

Undertale Crossover if you haven't guess yet.

A long time ago in the ancient land of Equestria there where five known elements that guided the land. Honest, Kindness, Laughter, Loyalty, and Generosity. These where just the ones known.

A thousand years after the Nightmare Moon was banished to the moon she was released. She once again vowed to shroud the land in eternal night.........

She failed

She failed because six ponies banded together and the long lost element of magic was restored, also freeing the lost princess Luna. Peace was returned to the land once more. More threats arose in attempt to destroy Equestria but, each of them were defeated by the six friends.

Now after almost 2,000 years the last element has returned, the pacifist and the fallen child seemingly forever bound. This element has yet to meet her fellow bearers but she will soon because old threats are going to become much more dangerous

Chapters (2)

Anon-A-Miss, a mysterious internet user who corrupted Canterlot High School. All have accused Sunset Shimmer of this betrayal, even her friends have abandoned her.
Now Sunset is alone, as she once was, and depends only on herself to start again, among shadows ... New faces, and not so new ones, will come to her life.
Will sunset be happy again? Canterlot will ever know the truth? What will happen to the magic of friendship?

- "dark" label due to psychological conflicts and a certain degree of physical aggression -

Chapters (1)

Sometimes, all we need to cheer us up is a little bit of Hearth's Warming Magic... and maybe a loyal marefriend to snuggle up to. (Twixie pairing)

Heavily inspired by RarityEQM's Home. Give her a shout, will you?

(Title totally not a reference to the Supertramp song of the same name.)

Chapters (1)

Twilight is at Canterlot for one week, and Spike has the library to himself, but one night strange noises wake him up and strange things happen, what is going on?

Rated Teen just to be sure.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The Care and Keeping of Hidden Castles

On a casual visit to spend time her lover, Luna finds something rather startling.

Sombra is in a dress.

He says he can explain.

How could this possibly go...?

Chapters (1)

Rainbow Dash lives an exciting life. It only makes sense that it bothers her to sit in one spot and not do anything for a long time, but Twilight has been pushing her to upgrade her reading level. She joins Cheerilee's book club. It's about as awkward and boring as it sounds.

Contains Rainbow/Cheerilee Shipping.

Chapters (1)

(Both MLP and Durarara!! belong to their respectful owners!)

When ponies found an ancient mirror that gave ponies the ability to travel across dimensions, Celesta decides to let her curiosity ease a bit by sending in the Mane 6 into an unknown universe and when they do, they find a whole new world filled with legends, incidents, and action! Join the Mane 6 as they meet new people, beings, legends, and much, much more!

Chapters (2)
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