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some of us are great writers and some are great editors but where would any of us be without a reader?

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Thanks for favoriting Care to Take a Lady Out on a Date?!

Thanks you too!

Yeah, you seem like a cool guy, so why not?

Thanks so much for the watch!

Thank you for adding A God Among Ponies to your favorites. I'm really glad you enjoy it, and I hope you will keep doing so as more chapters are released. :eeyup:

Friends?! In THIS place!?! The horror!

Also, have some Tainted Donuts:

It's got some (gag) subtitles, so you might need fullscreen...

Damn that was fun! Thanks!

P.S. we're friends now, deal with it.

Re: your Kenshin avatar, it reminded me of this:

Oh gods, I'm old...

Yeah it was bound to happen sooner or later. I've admired your stories for a while now, you've got a unique writing style, your clop is super vanilla almost family friendly.

Noice bio c:

Just came here to say this, too. I really really dig it!

Hi there! Thanks for the follow!

Thanks for the favourite on Cards Against the Princesses!

You're probably only going to see things from me on DeviantArt rather than here, but sure, have a penguin as 822013 pointedly didn't say.

Greetings to you as well!

some people are great writers and some people are great editors but where would we all be without a reader?

One of the best creeds I've seen on a profile.
Here, have a penguin Watch.

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