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A relationship, whether romantic or platonic, can sometimes be a dangerous thing...

Especially after it ENDS.

This tells the stories of people, or ponies, who have revisited past relationships, bringing their behavior to a point that reaches the level of being excessive or even extreme.

P.S. The sex tag is there for there are moments of implied......horseplay. And totally not just to attract more readers. ;)

P.P.S. If anyone wants to be a victim part of this story, feel free to PM me.


"The funniest story on FiMfiction right now! A triumph!"

"Real funny story, give this one a read and consider joining in on the fun!"

Chapters (24)
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Comments ( 207 )

True dat, true dat...XD

I think it'd be worse than that. For quite a few people sure and just any pony would likely do, but for the rest.... There's only one Twilight Sparkle, or Rarity, or Cheerilee, or Queen Cheeselegs; it'd be a Highlander-style battle royale but for waifus instead of power and dominion.

"We're gonna get along JUST fine, you and I." she whispered.

Red flag! RED FLAG!!

Who'd've guessed the Rolling Stone's "Gimme Shelter" would've made a good soundtrack to this?

Comment posted by A Drunk Soviet deleted Oct 3rd, 2019

Yo, Donny, you're never gonna believe what I've got.

Oh that nickname brings back so many bad memories.

Nice job, nice to know that people know about my actual weight problem :ajsleepy:

Uy, we ALL got a weight problem...😥

would you mind pairing with octavia? making her a stalker and stealing stuff/things from the main character lol or better yet, Maud Pie.

PM me and fill in the details. Click "here" under the plot first.


It's AiE and in greentext format, but it's an obsessive Octavia. Nsfw.

Well, this certainly was entertaining.

Well, if this isn't a fine kettle of fish...

Red herring, I believe.


I actually have a dog and his name is Ares and he’s a Rottweiler

Good story, good show. Was a very entertaining read, for sure.
All the caps kind of threw me off a bit, though. Perhaps instead of USING ALL CAPS at times, you could express the feeling caps give off?

Either way, it was a very nice story. I'll read again soon. :twilightsmile:

Okay, I'm really liking the bold parts at the end

"Oh, hey, Twilight!" you laugh. "I wasn't expecting to see you here-"

Looks like someone's used to second person~
That being said, where's Anon II?!

See this ending was actually kind of fun

It's COMING. Can't wait to end that story and that CinemaSins "joke"

Well, it seems that when you're the personal student of Celestia, you can get away with quite a lot of things.

Long live the King, baby.

Sad this one has a bad ending.

I know, but I had to make at least one story be a bit more realistic.

I just wanna point out that plátanos are actually plantains. A good alternative would be guineo instead, it means banana but unlike banano it might sound exotic.

Well...I love this and I don't know why

Well...at least she wasn't psycho or criminal :twilightblush:

Technically, I think recording someone without consent is illegal somewhere...🤔

I think he meant 'At least she's not a Shimmy.'

I'd take criminal pornstar over psycho any day

This went, a lot better than I thought it would.

Also, the situation is relatively believable so that helps.

She said the move had made her realize that we weren't meant to be together and she blamed ME for letting her go. Said she never wanted to hear from or SEE me again, that it would be too hard.

It was right about here that I saw the ending coming

Rarity was a professional dating decoy. She worked for some kind of crazy service where mares hired other mares to hit on their coltfriends to see if they could be TRUSTED . Apparently, she was so jaded from dealing with cheating stallions all the time that once she saw I was a good guy , she fell for me.

Eh, close enough

Cine"mare" sins has run it's course...👻

Damn you, Kobe! You stole my back-up waifu! :rainbowlaugh:

Joking aside, yeah, it was definitely funnier having Starlight obsess over someone else rather than me (especially since I may have accidentally made myself sound more crazier than Starlight in the PMs).

I had to, there was NOTHING I could do!

Yeah. This is technically this fella's fault here. Yeah..... Some communication and maybe borders could've helped....

I was wondering when I'd see a chapter with Starlight.

What would you have done if I had asked for her instead of Rainbow, huh?

I would've said read one of my recent blogs cuz that's where you'll find the answer 😅

Umm...I'm having trouble getting behind this one, with AJ being the honest pony and all

Yep. Doesn't make too much sense.

I mean.

Rainbow being an inconsiderate kick head. Sure.

Rarity being a selfish ho. Yep.

Sunset ruining someone's life. Definately.

Starlight taking gaming from 0-100 in 60 seconds. Most certainly.

AppleJack being capable of the only thing she is not supposed to be capable of in a brief chapter that makes less sense than the three stooges? Nah fam.

And yet Twilight gets no crap...😛

I got no words for that one. You shook me straight outta my own opinion. I'm speechless.

The level of 'widdi bloody c*ntfuck' on that one is just, RAAAARRRRRGFGGGGGG

Well..at least he got some action

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