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I like the three Ps: Physics, Ponies, and....something else that starts with P

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Why am i writing here · 8:31am January 1st

I'm tired as hell.
I'm sick as a dog.
I can't sleep.
Happy new year.

I have a lot on my plate for 2019. I intend to keep writing so look forward to that. I'm also gonna be finding a new job. And the rest of the list...I need to write it down for myself first.

Remember: anything can happen; you just gotta make it happen.

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I always went for Erika, myself. She always seemed more real to me. Or maybe I just like the "tough because she's damaged" type. Lord knows that's my wife to a T. :D

And I can say the same about how Megatokyo inspired me. It played a very large role in me starting my DA page as well as starting my (now defunct) comic. But I've definitely been more creative in my life because of it.

That's so awesome. I grew up on the comic and it highly inspires my writing. Cool to see a fellow fan.

kimiko is best girl

To ever realize this.

Yes it's a reference to Megatokyo and NO ONE has made the connection in the entire 16 years that I've been using this username.

This is a really dumb question on my part, but is your username a reference to megatokyo?

well...just replace the numbers with similar looking letters:

so, essentially, I'm skilled because I lack clothing :pinkiehappy:

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