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Twilight isn't having a very good day. An experimental spell blew up in her face, an army of changelings is attacking Canterlot, and she just died. Yet somehow, it looks like it's going to keep going downhill from here.

Given the chance to correct what's gone wrong, Twilight swears she's going to fix all this even if it kills her. Which it will. Frequently.

Cover art by Pixel Prism
Spanish Translation
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This is probably gonna be like that game, "I Wanna Be The Guy" cool!

Def going on my read later list. No time right now.

A badass, Twilight-centric, combat-oriented version of Best Night Ever?
This will be even better than Duel Nature! I can feel it!

Twilight Sparkle stars in: Groundhog Day 2: Hog Harder.


Look at the description. You have my attention.

This is really fucking good.

And I read it. And now I go to read your other works. This is nice...

If at first you don't succeed. Try, try, try.... try, try again.

Seriously, how long can Twilight keep looping before she goes nuts?

Check out this SG-1 Episode to see what I mean:

On a more serious note, great opening chapter. Looking forward to more!


Hey, another loopfic! Hopefully it'll be better than Chunin Exam Day. Do you have a plan for where you're going with this, or are you going to make it up as you go?

LOVE that episode, but there's another word, rhymes with try... well I guess you'll figure it out when I put up the next chapter.


Oh, I think I can figure it out! :trollestia:

Definitely going to be watching for this one to update! :pinkiehappy:

Why yes, every time I post a fic, I think I know where I'm going with it. Sometimes, though, it turns out I'm wrong. So you'll just have to follow this story and see which one it turns out to be

This premise was great when Skywriter used it in Skin Horse (as your Author's Note mentions). It was great when The Best Night Ever did its unapologetic Groundhog Day parody. It is shaping up to be equally great here. Looking forward to more!

> There’s just so much new magic to try out here, and I want to test every single bit of it
> In my defense, it was a really good account about the finer points of fungal reproduction
> Fine. It was an experimental spell. Hardly more than a working theory than anything even with all of the notes Starswirl left pertaining to it. You have to expect this sort of setback when you’re dealing with theoretical spellcraft, right? I just need to redouble my efforts, study even harder, forsake all material desires and comforts until I master-”

Might want to give it one more proofing pass, though. There's a number of scattered typos. In this case, I think a few of your periods ran away, grew tails, got married, and ended up cohabiting as a stray close-quote in an unrelated part of the story. :twilightsheepish:

(That doesn't take away from the quality of the writing, but it's a little distracting.)

This is really good! :pinkiehappy:

Very good premise, and the story itself is great so far. You do a good job of describing everything from Twilight's perspective. Though, not sure if that's such a good thing when it comes to the death scenes. Ouch, poor Twilight. Man, my neck hurts now... :rainbowlaugh:

This looks very promising. Man, you make those changelings scary. Groundhog Twilight is best Twilight. I'll be watching!

Just don't forget to save your progress when you do something right, Twilight. You can only imagine the sheer rage of a few day's progress lost.

On another note, does she have a way out of the loop? It would suck if she figured out how to stop cheese-legs, died of old age and had to do this all over again forever.

You're two chapters ahead of me, but to answer your question: yes

After reading an EoP chapter, this is perfect. Will definitely follow. Keep it up!


It's a Pinkie sense for fan-fiction, it comes and goes as it pleases. :pinkiehappy:

I keep hoping for a Hard Reset fic. The game that is. Oh well.

I'm going to add this to my read later and I'll read it when I get to it. I still have Background Pony to read (I don't like starting something and not finishing it before moving on), and that thing is about 14 hours long according to my Kindle.

Comment posted by chinlamp deleted Jan 16th, 2013

I think there was an episode of The Twilight Zone like this once.

Fantastic idea, premise, execution, the works.

I read the description, and it makes me think of "Groundhog Day" starring Bill Murray. Why? I mean, sure she gets multiple chances to get things right and.....oh, wait that's exactly why. :pinkiecrazy:

I've described this story at least once as "Ponies meets Groundhogs Day meets Die Hard." So you're most likely onto something

Honestly, I never understood what using the Elements of Harmony on a race of insects commonly interpreted as a hivemind, that also feed off of love, was supposed to do besides make them worse. I mean I can understand why they worked on Nightmare Moon, because she was either crazy or possessed(considering stopping the day/night cycle would render 96-98 percent of the planet uninhabitable) and therefore had a disordered mind, while Discord was the living manifestation of chaos, but how would those things work on stuff that wasn't chaotic?(And before someone says the elements are intrinsically good, the qualities are just normally perceived in our society as good. For instance, the element of laughter isn't the element of joyful-and-not-homicidal-laughter)

An experimental spell blew up in her face, an army of changelings is attacking Canterlot, and she just died.

Now I have to read this no matter what happens.

So, she got vaporized? Is that it? I do hope that there's more on the way.

Here's the thing though, two identical tones can't produce a harmony. A harmony is two (or more) tones that complement one another to create something greater than themselves.

A species that exist on a single wavelength can't create a harmony, Only a people devoted to cooperation and coordination could ever hope to achieve it.

1967821 It's like the sci-fi movie "12:01". Which had a temporal device that went off due to sabotage and stuff and the protagonists had to find out how and why and then stop it, after repeating events many many times.

Question: Why are these changelings killing ponies? That would seem to rather rapidly deplete their food supply. They can't get any love out of ponies they've killed. Are they vampires in this story or something? And why the overt invasion when they could have just waltzed right in disguised (since clearly the ponies have completely forgotten about defense once again), replaced many of the Canterlot ponies, and then SURPRISE ATTACK!!

That was actually one of the scariest interpretations I had(as opposed to it just being another term for order like discord appeared to be for chaos), considering they messed with Luna's mind and there's only supposed be one being in there, they might have given her MPD. Also, that would mean they might give the changelings individuality while making them keep working together, and considering how much better two heads are than one, hundreds to thousands of heads sharing a mental link and all working together would be a lot better at tactics than Chrysalis, considering she could have just switched out with a brainwashed Cadence whenever she had to meet someone and switched back whenever she needed to absorb Shining Armor's love. Not to mention the fact that she acted so mean when she was supposed to be the Alicorn of Twu Wuv, especially to the student of her disguises' aunt. Honestly, if most/all ponies weren't naive, she would have been caught pretty fast.
And that's just one of the three fridge horror's I've found.(The other two are that ponies are speciesist and that, unless they use their true names or change them frequently, their names double as prophecies[for instance, Twilight Sparkle knows the princesses of day and night, and has sparkles for a cutie mark])

Oh yeah, that was exactly what I was hoping for when I read the blog post. :pinkiehappy:

Finally! An action based, pony Peggy Sue fic! It's what I've been waiting for from this fandom! I was prepared to do one myself if I had to. I still might, but this looks good too.

In Soviet Equestria insectoid monster nukes you!

I was in the process of writing something with this premiss. Looks like you got there first.

Good luck. It'll definitely be on my read-later list.

This is now on my read it later list if for nothing else other than that brilliant last line of the description.

This is... Wow. I enjoyed this. Granted, there were a scattering of typos throughout, but nothing that detracted from the story. Well done. I look forward to more. :twilightsmile:

Chrysalis is casting the Spell of Destruction! The world will be destroyed in 30 seconds 300 minutes!

Don't you dare half-minute hero me. The Time Goddess is on my side

Well, I'll be honest: between the film Groundhog Day and the fanfic Best Night Ever, you've got a hell of a legacy to live up to. That being said, though, between this promising first chapter and the fact that I just saw Dark Knight of Canterlot in your list of published stories:


I look forward to seeing more updates from you. With any luck, I'll continue to not be disappointed.

Twilight saves the day. Flash forwards four years, she dies again. Right back to square one. Goes through it all again, getting pissy, gaining even more knowledge, dies again. Repeat. Finally Dies of old age.

Right back there again. Lives through every damn life she can making out with all her friends just because. Keeps making minor adjustments.

Stops caring.

I'll tell you right now, I'm not going to live up to Groundhog Day levels. That's just an unfair bar to set. Nonetheless I plan to kick as much ass as is possible and impress anypony I can


So at what point does she run out of f*cks and die a few ties in a row just to see how funny she can die?
...tries skydiving, without a parachute.
...goes under the kitchen sink to try out all the tasty liquids down there.

And since history won't remember what she does...
...tracks down Blueblood and kills him (several times). Yeah, it was worth it.
...starts painting a naughty image of Celestia on a wall behind the throne.
...makes horribly inappropriate sexual advances on Princess Celestia.
...then Luna, just to try it out.
...then Shining Armor.

Oh no... eternal life.. how will we ever cope with this development? We'll have to explore an infinite series of possibilities, how awful...

1968574 When you put it that way, Upon making that connection, Twilight would have a field day.

I've seen two things that this reminds me of. The first is Window of Opportunity, an episode of Stargate SG1. The other is a Harry Potter fanfic titled "Harry Potter and the Wastelands of Time". The fanfic has a few serious differences from this one, however. Harry was thousands of years old by the point the story started, he was an absolute badass, and he was bat-shit insane (in a good and interesting way).

That said, this smacks of an absolutely epic story. I look forward to seeing more of this. And some badass Twilight. Cause badass Twilight is awesome.

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