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Forgot what I was gonna say. Don't mind me. I'll just stand here and feel awkward.


Friendship games was good. · 4:24am Sep 27th, 2015

The big blank spaces are

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About me

If I had a cutie mark, it would be for lurking and taking up digital space.
I was first exposed to bronyism on the Bionicle wikia site biosector01, and then again when my best-friend went full-on brony sometime between 2011 and 2012. Around late summer of 2012, I got bored of rewatching the entire series of original Yugioh, TMNT, Xiaolin Showdown, Teen Titans, and DBZ (yes, I binge-watch a lot, why do you ask?), and decided to give ponies a try. You know the rest: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression (a rather short phase with Pinkie Pie), and finally, Acceptance. Add step 6 for reading every front page post on My Little Brony.
Upon talking to my original brony friend, he recommended I visit EQD, where I stumbed upon the second fanfic I ever read: Past Sins (of course I read MyLittleDashie first). You'll mostly see me in comments here and there on newer chapters in fics. My favorite fics are usually comedic and deeply emotional, with HUGE back-story and world-building parts.
And now, what everyone was never really waiting for, and probably doesn't care to know:
Favorite Mane6: Pinkie, Fluttershy
Favorite CMC: Sweetie
Favorite Background Pony: Lyra
Best Princess: Celestia (she ruled a peaceful utopia for 1000 years. Just because that makes her a boring character doesn't mean she isn't awesome.)
Pony I'm most like: Twilight (My Bronyland Test Results.) http://www.bronyland.com/pony-personality-test/?q=Njk0MXww)
Pony I relate to the best: Rarity, Twilight (OCD with a younger sibling to look after/mess with)
Best Pony?: SUNSET SHIMMER! I choose you!!!

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If only all life's little problems could be solved with bacchanalias

Thanks for adding Daddy's Day! :twilightsmile: I might extend it fairly soon, and break it into a couple of smaller parts.

Thank you for the fav on Celestia's Rocket Adventures! I'd appreciate it if you'd leave me a like and some feedback in the comments!

2063294 I'm surprised it doesn't have more likes.

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