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I love to write, and I'll write just about anything. I seem to be most well known for my stupid little comedy pieces though...



After meeting her human counterpart, a thought has been bothering Twilight. Why does she need glasses? Twilight knew her vision was perfectly fine, so there seemed no reason for the other Twilight to need them.

Princess Twilight needs to figure this out.

There is a sequel! Warning, it’s a shipfic.

AN: Featured 10/9/17

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Kiper #1 · Oct 9th, 2017 · · ·

Adorkably cute and in stereo no less. Bravo.

Hehehe. Thanks.

Simple and nice.

Oh man now that's how you pull a twist in a story where the twist is supposed to be obvious- Nice work!

Also god damn both Twilights are too gay to function, I love it.

Oh that was brilliant.
MORE! :flutterrage:

LOL, very adorkable for them all and some nice fun for the Twilights in teasing their crush. The simplest solution is a three way. It would be great to see continuations of this. :twilightsmile:

Glad you liked it.
I might do more. It’s a possibility.

You earned yourself a follow!

That was adorable, thanks for posting it!

Princess Twilight once again stepped through the portal the the human world.

I assume you meant "to the human world".

Sunset groaned. It was difficult enough listening to her Twilight ramble on about physics at times. Two of them going on about theoretical physics detailing the very nature of the universe? She could feel a headache coming on. Sunset brought her hands up and started rubbing her temples. “Okay, okay. Fine, just, please, stop talking in sync. It hurts.” Both Twilight’s rolled their eyes. “So what’s this great inconsistency?”

Personally, I'd connect those first two sentences by "physics at times, but"*

Also, you may want to some more detail to your sentences. Some of them feel very short or not expanded upon, when they could be.

Thanks for pointing that out.
And there isn’t meant to be much detail. I just wrote this to be short and to the point.

Ah, okay then. Thanks for the short story!

I thought I was seeing a repeat of another story about the same topic. However, after reading this, it was quite different from the other one like this that I read. Very cute, but I felt so bad for Sunset. Despite that, I'm hoping there might be more of the Twilights pranking Sunset. Kinda curious to see how much they can get away with before Sunset catches on or has an epic meltdown.

Enjoy the thumbs up and favorite.

Short, entertaining, kinda cute, ships daylight, and has mischievous Twilights. I love it.

I might have them prank the rest of the girls....
Thanks :pinkiehappy:

THIS is a clear sign that both Twilights have spent a bit too much time with their respective Rainbows and Pinkies.

This was both funny and cute. Hopefully the Purple Smart duo don't mind sharing Bacon Hair. :heart:

adorable. you realize now that you're legally required by pony law to write the sequels of them pranking the rest of the girls?

Is there some inter dimensional threat


prompting both Twilight’s to giggle

No apostrophe needed.

“ohh, no no no no no. We’re just friends


Look, lets ignore all that.


With a sigh she stood up

*With a sign, she stood

Both Twilight were sitting on the

*Both Twilights were

They took the test the exact same, constantly

They took the test the exact same way, constantly (this one is more optional than the rest)

They then turned to face eachother

*each other

Princess Celestia got tired of me loosing my glasses so she paid to have my eyes fixed.

*my glasses, so she

The archers are Loosing their arrows. They missed, and are therefore losing.

Agreed. There must be sequels.:pinkiecrazy:

All the dialogue and progression felt very rushed.

I am having Deja vu

Would've been funnier without that ending.

This is a very good one-shot. I loved the fact that both the Twilights pranked Sunset.

Was their romantic confession towards Sunset supposed to be part of their prank?
...Or was it meant to be at the reader's discretion...

I actually read something a long time ago with a similar topic, thus when I saw this in the feature box I was surprised that it "resurfaced". Overall, I like it! I would love to see these two take a crack at the rest of the Mane 6. Good job!

What is it about alicorns and evil practical jokes? I mean, since when have we had a pair of Trollight Sparkles? Obviously the princess learned too well from her mentor!

I came across another story with a similar premise as this. Can't remember the name though..,

“ENOUGH!” Sunset screamed. Her head was throbbing in her hands.

'I stood reborn, molted by newfound knowledge...'

This is so true! That's exactly what it's like when you have glasses for the first time. I got my first pair when I was eight, and until then hadn't even realised there was anything wrong. :twilightsheepish:

Same,i didn't have my first pair of glasses until college! Though i only wear them now when i need to see something small far away, which luckily isn't quite that often.


When being a crowned princess and thus part of the absolute monarchy can't even get you a taxi in Manehattan, the pranks must flow!

My guess was that the coronation to princess fixed her eyes. I've read fanfics where they notice that other parts of Human-Princess -Twi have been... augmented.


I saw an ad for 2-for-1 glasses while reading thiss

This was so so hilarious.

I know that feeling. Nobody in my family figured out I couldn't see well, and my mother was talking with the people at my jr. high school about having me put in a remedial class, when finally a routine test showed that I'm nearsighted. That was decades ago, but I still remember the surprise I felt when I first put a pair of glasses on.

“Princess Celestia got tired of me loosing my glasses so she paid to have my eyes fixed.”

Nitpicking time! Twilight never wore glasses in flashbacks.

In my opinion, these difference come from different lifestyles. Most likely Celestia make sure that pony!Twilight has a healthy life while Sci-Twi worsens her eyesight with PC, TV and all that things.

A fun short story, and just my kind of humor, I approve! :rainbowlaugh:

On a more serious note, I recently took my first eye test in DECADES because I was worried of this exact scenario. Sure, most of us feel that our vision is "normal", but that doesn't really say anything without comparing against a fixed point of reference. (Thankfully, my eyesight is indeed fine.) No matter what you do or how sure you are, I recommend taking a vision test if you haven't done so already.

That's because she lost them in every flashback.

All the time? Implausible. Extremely so.
And Mirror!World also not a perfect copy in general.

8479445 I never got glasses till I was eight or so. Maybe the Twilights' eyes were the same as mine, and she didn't get them till after her cutie mark flashback?

Glad you enjoyed.
Thanks. I published this completely unedited. I have a bad habit of rewriting stories once I start editing...
I might be planning to answer that..... :trollestia:

Confession time. I don’t wear glasses. I apparently have great vision. Only time I did, I wore them for reading almost two decades ago when I was like 6, I have no idea what it’s like to suddenly find out you need glasses. Glad to hear I got the feeling right though!

Yeah dude, no problem.

I honestly only got my glasses id say mid last year, i was 14.

Sooner or later Sunset will figure out it was a prank. I do wonder how she`s going to get back at them.

Just imagine the pranks if Pinkie or Dash went through the mirror. (Not that Pinkie needs another of herself to do the impossible.)

I knew I'd seen something similar before; took a while, but I found it!


The most hilarious thing about this is that there's an advertisement for eyewear at the bottom of the story for me. :rainbowlaugh:

I love it when things line up like that.

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