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Punk Rock Prom Queen

Ironic reasons are the best reasons darling.


Ever since Rainbow Dash introduced Sunset to the human world’s version of the Daring Do series she has been an active member of the fan community. After spending countless hours in the Daring Do fansite’s Eris server, she’s made many friends, but there is only one that she feels a real connection with. The user who goes by the name “Gr0ss1y Incandescent”. Turns out this same User she’s been crushing happens to be her counterpart.

Punk Rock Prom Queen Presents a tale of self-love taken to its hilariously logical conclusion.

Featured on 2/1/18

My entry into Aragon's Comedy (is serious business) Contest under the prompt we learned something narcissistic.

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Eris server,

So... I take it that's the Equestria Girls equivalent of the Discord server?

that is actually a very good question.


This is getting featured, I'm calling it now.

“Yeah, yer tha least full of yerself outta anyone ah know,” Applejack chimed in.“Now RD on the other hand.”
“What they said,” Rainbow said.“Also, fuck you AJ.”

And favorite. Hope this gets featured. Fucking hilarious.

*Snicker* BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! This fanfic cracked me up!!!

“Still used to be a pony so no,” Twilight deadpanned. She still excepted the milkshake offered to her though.

:twilightblush: Oh thank. Well me.
:twilightsmile: Why?
:twilightoops: because this would be incredibly weird otherwise. Also, I'm straight too.
:twilightsheepish: Oh good.

Such a shame there's not more to the story.

I kinda want more of this.
Also that first sentence. Just wut :rainbowhuh:

I would definitely count it as incest. The human Sunset is (presumably) the same genetically as the pony Sunset, but they've obviously had some different experiences in life (human Sunset had no god-princess to rebel against). So, they're pretty much twins with eerily similar backgrounds.

WEE HEY HEY!! now.... Y'all got my attention here...

This was a very amusing read, and I would love to read more. (so long as it remains clop free with only implications) :twilightsheepish::twilightsmile:


“Quite you,”


Also. I'm glad you're not sorry. Cause I want more of this.

With the expression of one who had just witnessed their neighbor masturbating their dog beneath their bedroom window

That was beautiful.

...Will you marry me?:heart:


I call a good story when I see it.

you do indeed have a good eye

This really needs to be expanded upon. Great work!

"Remiss" means "negligent," not "angry."

you have greatly amused me. have a fav and a like.

“Alright, alright sheesh,” Rainbow grumbled. “I’m sorry for laughing at you Sunset.”

“It’s fine,” Sunset mumbled from beneath the table. “I guess it is kinda funny. I mean if Twilight suddenly developed a crush on Princess I’d probably laugh too.”

“Hey!” Twilight protested. “I happen to be straight! And, you know, not attracted to people who are usually horses.”

“Ponies,” both Sunset and Fluttershy corrected at the same time.

Loved this segment more than I should have...

Incest. Like hooking up with your identical twin.

But even identical twins are not truly completely "identical" copies of each other at the the cellular level; so I say it's the second option.:twilightblush:


All build up, little payoff. This story would have been improved by making it longer, rather than stopping short.

Oh well, still an enjoyable read.

With the expression of one who had just witnessed their neighbor masturbating their dog beneath their bedroom window,


Cute story, I would also have liked to see more of it though.

Edit: It might also have helped if the punchline weren't in the description.

It's not incest! It's masturbation! :pinkiecrazy:

Ditto. I for one would have loved to see how their conversation went.

I bet it’s the berry incident all over again

Is that what you’re calling it now Ara? :ajsmug:

“That’s what she calls her Ban Hammer,” Rainbow informed them.

I think we just found out who the D00mPrism is.



“Quite you,” Applejack commanded


I immediately quoted it to a friend

“Still used to be a pony so no,” Twilight deadpanned. She still excepted the milkshake offered to her though.

Pretty sure you meant accepted here.

That was interesting to read. I was really wanting to see Sunsets' conversation, though.

Also, it's incest. They're not the same consciousness controlling two bodies, and they share enough DNA to be related.

Everytime someone write Rainbow as a jerk I smile wider than Pinkie on a sugar high. Also, this was hilarious.

“Yes Pinkie, she’s the one who does those comics- “

“She also does porn,” Rainbow added. Sunset growled in annoyance.

“Can I finish?!”

“Only if you’re paying her,” Rainbow snickered only for Applejack to slug her in the shoulder.

That should NOT be as funny as I find it to be

More pleaaaseee!! This was hilarious.

: Alright I know this is going to sound a little weird and maybe a little wild, but bear with me okay? My name really is Sunset Shimmer and I look like you because well I am you. I’m just not from around here. In fact, I’m you from another dimension.

I see what you did there...:trollestia:

Alright wow. I post this and go to work and when I get back this is in the number two spot in the featured box. Thanks guys :pinkiehappy: I’m glad you all enjoyed it.

This ended too early to be satisfying.

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