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This story is a sequel to Shards of Incongruence

A couple of months after meeting her human counterpart, they continue to spend time together doing totally innocent things like kissing and cuddling and also not so innocent things like... holding hands. It’s been going great, so Sunset finally introduces her to her friends. As her girlfriend. It goes pretty much as well as she was expecting it to. How often do you get to tell your friends that you’re dating yourself, anyway?

Thanks to Bike for helping me with the short desc and the name honestly this fic goes out to you!
Cover art commissioned by Bike and drawn by me lmfao.
Sex tag for a fair amount of suggestive jokes, and profanity tag because they hecking swear!!!

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the idea for this cover is one of the proudest achievements of my life, and personally i cannot wait for this comment to come back to haunt me when i run for Senate in 2044

id vote for you, i dont even care if im not american or whatever the hell

I need a sequel!!!

“You just turn the console off whenever you’re about to lose, ya sore loser.”

rainbow is just like me fr

A sequel to the sequel? Thats crazy!!1!1!1!

Very nice fluff. Wholesome.

I bet that this is great, like the rest of your works, so I'll give it an upvote and be on my way. Toodles!

Rather like the long haired Sunset.

Comment posted by Glutbier deleted July 24th

IF the Sonsets also share Twilight! laugh

Oh, i liked this alright, I even loved it. Just like I loved the previous story (both versions) Your writing keeps being top notch and you should feel proud of it!

That said, I really love what differences the two Sunset's have, and specially what they tell about Shimmer's life. The turtle neck hiding her neck, the more muscular physique from a rougher life, the vice that is probably caused by the stress of said life. It's all great details that expand the character without really saying much.

Amazing job!

Haha thanks for the vote of confidence and the upvote :)

the ULTIMATE polycule!
Hey thanks! I’m glad someone pointed out those little things. I put em in there but wasn’t sure if anyone would pick up on it. You’re absolutely spot on. Again, thanks for the kind words!

and rainbow's response was spot on

I for one, am really glad this got made. The story just didn't feel complete without introductions to the human six. Well done too.

thanks very much! Im inclined to agree, from the moment I wrote the first one I knew I wanted to write a meeting with the human six, or at least I had thought about it

Whether it's incest, masturbation, or just uber-narcissism, it doesn't change one thing: it's hot. 😘

Well, that’s certainly one of the cover arts of all time

This fic has my attention from that alone, and I have a feeling I’ll like it. Will give an update once I’ve read through it

Something I'd seriously like to see from one of these fics: what do they say to people when they are just randomly in public. I'm sure the sunsets largely wouldn't care, but they'd have to come up with an excuse at some point. Not that this wasn't good, I just think this faces the, "is this weird" question a lot more than others have in the past. Very fun.

Yeah that’s a good point. I don’t think I’ve ever really seen that aspect explored! Most of the selfcest fics I’ve seen are just… smut. I reckon they’d either just make some joke about it to confuse whoever’s asking or say they just happen to look alike or something. Thanks for the comment!

Most any that I've seen, (seeing that I don't usually go for the smutty ones) usually end too soon for my taste. They all have the same conclusion: "Wait, are we really considering this?" "Yeah I think we are." "Will this actually work?" "I guess there's only one way to find out." So I very much applaud you for at least going to that next step.

:pinkiesmile: I have a question!
🌞 🌞 Yes?
:pinkiesmile: Your ship name. Is it Shimmy Sunny? Or Sunny Shimmy? Shimmy Sunny? Sunny Shimmy?...




So three way with twilight in the next story?

Haha, idk if Twilight would go for that. But maybe she just needs to get used to there even being two of em

It might have been a sequel that only a few wanted, but I thought it was great. I imagine if your muse strikes again these two might find themselves in another story. Well done.

Haha thanks for the comment! Who knows? I do find myself making sequels for random stories time to time… Maybe this will be one of those AUs that I write for whenever I have an idea :)

She stared into the popcorned ceiling above her as the dim glow of the device faded once more, leaving her in the night-coloured emptiness she called home.

dang i haven't seen one of those popcorn ceilings in a while!

Shimmer, Sunset’s originally human counterpart, scoffed sharply. “Yeah, I remember. You told me. You know. After we...” Her voice trailed off as she wiggled her eyebrows and licked the air with a suggestive, pierced tongue.

haha, i remember Twilight getting confused by that, that was fun!

“Right, right,” Shimmer dragged out sarcastically, “you and your friends. Sorry, I’m still trying to get used to that. I used to be a real bitch. Still kind of am.”

“Turn that I into a we and you’re spot on,” Sunset grumbled, pressing a pillow into her face. The world was only darkness. Warmth and blackness and the smell of citrus shampoo. She could have stayed there forever.

Sunset and human Sunset have so much in common with each other re: having to learn about friendship! this only proves that they should be shipped together

And,” Shimmer continued, “it is still a bit weird, but I mean, fuck, it’s been weird since I found out there was another me and then f—”

“Okay, you’re right,” Sunset interrupted.

nice strategic interruption

“We get that we’re different people. I’m sure they’ll get it, too. I mean, they know they have Equestrian counterparts, and I’m sure they don’t think that the pony them is the same as they are. Princess Twilight and human Twilight are actually very different.”

so true!

“What?” Sunset glanced over at her girlfriend with an amused smile as she opened the group chat with all her friends. “The fact that there are other dimensions with alternate versions of everyone or the fact that I come from the one where we’re magical colourful ponies that come in variants including winged, horned, and all of the above?”

Without even looking up or digging her head out of her palms, Shimmer responded, “Yes.”

yeah honestly compared to that revelation, dating the alternate universe version of yourself doesn't seem too weird, does it?

“Weird stuff happens to us all the time. Don’t be surprised if some… magic-crazed villain bursts through the streets singing a power song. Oh and definitely don’t be surprised if we sing a better song while kicking their ass with the magic of friendship.”



kinda want to see this rougher Sunset's reaction to that kind of a thing

With a long stretch of her arms, she crawled under the covers and sighed contently as Shimmer’s body warmth instantly helped to bring hers up. She couldn’t help but inch closer to her bedmate, accidentally touching her feet against Shimmer’s.



lmao, can't avoid this even when dating yourself!

Sometimes, Sunset missed the way winter magically ended so suddenly in Equestria. Literally magically. Hell, if she could, she’d clean up winter all by her damn self!

aww yeah another thing for her to get used to!

The redhead rolled her eyes as she included in her response that no, much to her sarcastic dismay, she did not suddenly grow a magical set of horse genitalia and that no, Rainbow Dash could not see it.

ahaha that is so inappropriately Rainbow Dash

In a way, it was cool that Shimmer was so independent, just like Sunset herself was. But she also had to wonder why that was the case. For Sunset, it had been because she forced herself into a world where she was alone. So then, why was Shimmer like her?

aww mysterious backstory!

They were chocolate chip—her favourite kind. They reminded her of one very specific breakfast she had had in Equestria with Princess Celestia as a filly. She smiled through the bite she took and savoured the warm, chocolate flavour of the delectable waffle.

and this is a sweet callback to Celestia's breakfast obsession

“Do you have Fight Club?”

“Considering I’ve never heard of it,” Sunset started with a grin, “no I don’t think so.”

very appropriate movie to watch for a pair of doppelgängers

She opened it up and opened the internet browser. It took a second to load, but once it did, she clicked her way to a certain website in her bookmarks.

piracy is fun

Shimmer nodded and wrapped an arm over Sunset’s shoulder. “Yeah. Trust me, it might seem like some macho, misogynist guy movie about fighting, but it’s so much more than that.”

so true, it's like, really deep, man

Though, despite the continuing dialogue in the obviously intense scene, Sunset couldn’t help but snort. “What kind of a name is Tyler Durden?”

brave words coming from somepony named "Sunset Shimmer"!

“It makes me wanna fight society,” she said a bit too plainly for the tender hold she had on Sunset.

mysterious backstory! also, darn that Society!

Compared to the tough girl exterior that Shimmer always had on display, the girl beneath Sunset was a marshmallow. The scar dividing her eyebrow into two meant nothing as the fake pout she sported spoke louder than any jagged edge she could attempt to put out there. It was something that Sunset was very sure that Shimmer never showed anybody else, and she knew it for sure because she herself was the same way.

augh, love that. what better way to reach the full depths of emotional vulnerability than dating a copy of yourself?

Shimmer begrudgingly did the same and tossed Sunset her helmet. “We’re taking my bike,” she grunted, shoving her own helmet on her head and flipping the shield down, forcing Sunset to stare at her own reflection. “And I’m driving.”

well she is the better motorcyclist!

“Why do I always catch you staring?”

Sunset reached forward and gave Shimmer a firm punch in the arm. “I can’t help it,” she admitted teasingly. “It’s impossible not to.”

Shimmer took a small step back, making the affectionate punch seem a lot more impactful than it was. “I can’t blame you. We’re a sight for sore eyes.”

nice, love it

Pinkie Pie took a long slurp of her milkshake and set the glass down heavily on the counter. “Someone has unspilled beans at this table and it isn’t me, Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, or Applejack!”

love this classic Pinkie subtlety

Rarity was the first to react, letting out a loud squeal that brought the whole room to a silent lull. Fists clenched in excitement at her cheeks, she flushed a moderate pink and waved the restaurant back to their own business before clearing her throat and dropping her voice to something more appropriate. “I got excited, so sorry.!”

aww such a perfectly EqG Rarity reaction i love it

“Wow, I thought you’d love me ‘cause I look like your friend. Tough crowd.”

Sunset facepalmed.

Rainbow Dash shook her head briskly and turned to Sunset. “What the f—“

i love these last lines so much. they are nailed just so perfectly

Clearly sensing the tension, Shimmer rubbed her palms on the sides of her jacket. The longer she stood there, the more the area around her became heavy with the thick, overpowering smell of cigarette smoke.

leather jacket and cigarette smoke, human Sunset is so cool!

“Sunny?” Rainbow Dash echoed with a smirk. “Don’t you hate that?”

it's different when Shimmer says it!

Rainbow Dash’s finger tapped on the table five times before she slapped her palm down and shrugged, grabbing everyone’s attention. “Yeah, I think I’d fuck my clone.”

hell yeah!

Shimmer nodded and shook out her hand. “Sounds good, Applejack. That was your name, right?”

“It’s the name my daddy picked,” Applejack confirmed. She handed Shimmer a little business card from her back pocket. “Whenever you have time, just drive on down the main road out of town ‘til you hit County Road 23. I live just down there, ya can’t miss it!”

ahaha love how straight to business Applejack is (and yes Applejack got both her name and hat from her dad, makes you think, etc.)

For the first time since Sunset and Shimmer had arrived, Twilight actually seemed to have taken an interest in something. Her entire body twitched as she looked up at Shimmer, probably for the first time as more than just a passing glance. “You dropped out?”

There was not a hint of venom or malice in the question, though there wasn’t a trace of any emotion. The way one side of her lip raised higher than the other and her eyebrows furrowed to match betrayed her true question, though. Sunset and the rest of the group stayed quiet, though she was ready to intervene if necessary.

aww Twilight why you gotta be like that?

It seemed like a good time to intervene before things got hostile. She knew that her girlfriend was quick to anger—something they were both working on—so she stepped in and took hold of Shimmer’s hand, actively placing herself between her girlfriend and her best friend. “Woah, okay, she never said you were stupid,” Sunset pointed out, glancing at Shimmer. “She was just asking. She didn’t know.”

oof, so glad Sunset is there to understand Shimmer so well

“Right, right, you’re a goody-two-shoes,” Shimmer declared mockingly. “And don’t worry, Twilight, we can most certainly share Sunset if that’s what you’re asking.”

Twilight squirmed backwards into her seat, seemingly practicing her tomato cosplay.

oof, turned that one around! and a hint at why Twilight is so against this, haha

Pinkie’s outburst practically scared Sunset out of her own body.

“Can I call you,” Pinkie turned to Shimmer and waved her index finger at her, “Shimmy? If you get to call her Sunny, then I want to call you Shimmy!”

Shimmer blinked once. “Like the da—“

“Like the dance!”

Before Shimmer could object—and she knew she would—Sunset took it upon herself to respond, “Yes, please do.”

Shimmer hated that nickname. And that was why Sunset loved it. Finally, sweet vengeance.

aww, such a fun Pinkie moment! great one to end it on, calling back embarrassing nicknames and showing the first step in Shimmer accepting being vulnerable to her new friends.

I really struggled with ending this because I didn’t know how, but I figured a semi-open-ended ending would be suitable. I feel like the girls would probably not care that much considering everything they know and have seen.

it was definitely the place to end it, i'd say, unless you wanted to devote another 10kw to resolving a conflict. now it's a sweet slice of life about how in a world where cartoon pony magic needs to be defeated by magic rocks and musical numbers, dating an alternate universe version of yourself is not weird at all and is in fact very good.

really glad i got to see another glimpse into the lives of my favorite version of the Sunset x Sunset ship, thank you so much for it jay!

Yay bike comments! Always love to see em. Also, about the popcorn ceiling, I have one of those were I live so I really just took inspiration from that :)
And yea damn, I wonder what Shimmer’s mysterious backstory is…

I guess now I’ll have to write a 10k story as a conflict resolution. Scratch that, make it a 20k, just for the extra funs and feels. I’m glad you liked it tho! Haha, and surely you dont mean that comment about it being your favourite version of the Sunset x Sunset ship (aka the best ship out there).

And yes, Applejack is truly just a business gal and its totally just normal things for her defining features to be picked by her dad H M M M

everyone: compliments shimmer, sight unseen

also everyone: no fucking idea what to do with shimmer, sight seen

pinkie's "ohhh, i get it" is fantastic

ah, lovely.

yay! i loved how rainbow took 30 seconds before deciding she'd totally do the same thing

and then pinkie just wanted to pick a nickname :twilightsmile:

loved it, and love the cover art! :pinkiehappy:

Hehe thanks for both your comments :) And you can thank Bike for the cover art, she commissioned me to draw it! It’s truly amazing

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