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Ma Zedong

Ponewords are the literature of the proletariat.

Won't you stay for the show?

Ok, I'm not actually Communist, but still...

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Broken Mirror Cancelled · 11:37pm Jan 6th, 2019

TLDR: Story cancelled. I lack the motivation to write, but even with the motivation I'd probably write something else rather than Broken Mirror.

I'll try to keep this (relatively) short and avoid rambling.

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What about a marxist-lennonist?

Thanks for the fave!

Hey, I haven’t even read the communist manifesto. I just shitpost leftist memes on Facebook all day!

I've taken the name more for love of China and horse puns (Ma = horse) than out of any love for Mao or his particular brand of communism. To be honest, comrade, I'm too casual of a communist to have really even considered what brand I'd be. Maybe someday I'll get off my lazy bum and actually educate myself... Hah!

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