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Spoilers (no spoilers here) · 4:56pm Dec 17th, 2017

It should go without saying but any links to unreleased content is a permanently bannable offence. Anything that has not official aired should also be considered spoilers. Be considerate about them.

This confuses me a little. We've had leaks before; sometimes episodes appear online well before airing anywhere. Obviously spoilers should be tagged and signposted, but this is the first time I've seen spoilers be a permanently bannable offence. EqD is treating it equally harshly.

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Thanks for the addition to your library! I hope you enjoy it!

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Hey bronies, I just figured out what we're gonna do today! We're going to write a fanfic! Hey, where's Gummy?

From what I've read so far, that would be pretty hard to do. Your story is great, with my only criticism being your spelling.

Thank you for adding The Anthropologist to your library

We'll try not to disappoint :rainbowdetermined2:

Hiya, thanks for the interest in my story :twilightsmile:

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