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Just a crazed Welshman with a penchant for writing.

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Formerly BronyOverlord · 5:59pm Dec 31st, 2020

Just a quick heads up to my followers that I've finally changed my username to something a little less awful!

Originally, for some sad reason, when I first joined the site I deliberately picked one of the most obnoxious names I could think of. Apparently, I've actually matured a tiny amount in the last few years (impossible as it may seem) and, frankly, I've gotten sick of cringing every time I see my own username.

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Hello, I'm Wednesday. A displeasure to meet you. 🎃

Always did appreciate the crazed and demented. Respect. 💀

Found out, my fimfiction AGAIN reset the mature filter. Sorry for a false alarm

? It's still there as far as I can tell?

I'm not the only one who noticed your fallout story disappearing, right?

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