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Short of funds and with nowhere to stay, the Dazzlings are forced to seek refuge with some very distant relatives of theirs.

The sirens have absolutely no idea what they're letting themselves in for.

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Still reeling from her son's Fanging, Mavis discovers an old secret, and meets a group of monsters once banned from her family's Hotel Transylvania.

The Changeling Kingdom is about to get a monstrous new visitor.

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While organising the restricted section of the Canterlot Archives, Twilight stumbles across an old secret, one that Celestia had forgotten about, and Luna had hoped long buried.

Drawn back to the Boiling Isles for the first time in many years, the two find themselves wrapped up once more in old rivalries, conflicts, and the antics of a certain demented owl lady.

Neither Hexside nor Equestria have any idea what's about to hit them.

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While on a short trip to Ponyville, Gilda gets dragged into helping Berry Punch escape from a devious organisation that desperately wants her newest concoction: Single Malt Whiskey.

Together the two embark on a wild escapade to keep the whiskey out of the clasping hooves of the League of Cerberus and deliver it to its intended recipients.

Originally written as my entry into Shrink Laureate's Season 10 Bingo Writing Contest with these prompts - Gilda, Berry Punch, Cerberus, Minotaur Land, Saddle Arabia. Sadly, events conspired to prevent me from finishing the fic on time, but I'll still be working on it whenever I get a chance!

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Twilight has a secret. Specifically, she's been studying something in secret for the past couple of months, and won't tell anypony what it is that she's doing.

Unfortunately for her, Starlight is curious.

Written for FanOfMostEverything's Imposing Sovereigns Contest.

Featured on Equestria Daily, 3/20/20!

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Through a mysterious incident, Sci-Twi and Sunset Shimmer are transported to the world of Pokémon. Unfortunately, while Sci-Twi arrives as a human, Sunset is transformed into a Pokémon.

Working together as a Trainer and her Pokémon, the two must journey through the realm of Kanto in an attempt to find their way home and, in the process, learn as much as they can about this strange new world.

Cover art kindly provided by Mutter_Butter!

Featured on 26/07/19 :pinkiehappy:

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