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Short of funds and with nowhere to stay, the Dazzlings are forced to seek refuge with some very distant relatives of theirs.

The sirens have absolutely no idea what they're letting themselves in for.

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I'm a HUGE fan of the Addams Family and I'm looking forward to seeing how the Dazzlings will react to meeting Pugsley, Wednesday, Grandma, Uncle Fester and Thing. :)

Meanwhile with the Rainbooms... they watch a van driving to the Addams family residence

Fluttershy: oh my...
Rainbow Dash: whenever they are... they dead
Applejack: five bucks if they run away
Rarity: rise up to ten
Pinkie: we need 6 tuxedos and a coffin, right now!
Sunset: who lives in that...?

(Applejack silence Sunset with holding a treating glare)

Applejack: exists one rule here in Canterlot, NEVER. ASK. ABOUT. THEY. Are we clean?

Sunset: Crystal...

The Dazzlings should be fine. The Addams are very rich and generous.

Lol makes so much sense/ how did they get to the Addams verse

Why do I feel the film canaon is gonna flip the script faster then pinkie getting ahold of or a reality changing laptop and writing a new script

Admittedly they do try to keep their unique family dynamic within the family.

Say what you will about them, THINK what you will about them but NEVER hint that they would turn their back on those in real need.
If those that happen to be in need happen to be family?
While the love of Gomez and Morticia should be goals of couples, the love and steadfastness of Addams and the Gumps to family should be the calling of ALL families.

Now THIS is a crossover I've always wanted to see. I will get this into featured or die trying.

This will be good! I am looking forward to the KiLlINg!

Well then, isn't this a thing and a half?

Not MLP related, but I've wondered what would happen if a certain merc with a mouth ever met the Addams?

Poor guy:rainbowlaugh: He'd probably end up with a nervous breakdown

Hooo that makes sense, ya that would be cool.

Sorry for bad inglish

How do stuck up divas deal with a bizarre, but still warm, family life.

I have a number of questions here. I look forward to seeing how you answer them.

This sounds promising, a bit dissapointing they're not on the same EQG universe but love the Adams and want to see the hijinx. I bet Sonata would be the first one to adapt to their antics.

You my friend at the title took my curiosity, after reading, now you have my attention.

I don't know why, but i imagine the AddamsVerse being the live action style of the cover art, with the dazzlings changed appropriately, skin color and all that.
But that amount of monochrome alongside the color variety of the dazzlings makes me question my sanity far harder than usual.

to your credit, you only have spelling errors.
your grammar is nearly perfect.

just so I'm not judging by the cover pic is the family based on the movie or the og series?

It's based on the movies, purely because I always picture Raul Julia whenever I imagine Gomez!

"Fear not!" Gomez called out in a voice filled with emotion. "As you came to our ancestors' aid in their darkest hour, so shall we come to yours! Our home, our wealth, our hospitality, consider them your own! From this moment forth, we are family!"

No small thing that, no small thing at all. Be sure you don't scrag it up.

I wonder how Wednesday and Pugsley are going to take their new guests.

Well one thing for sure is, I never imagine the Adams would be angry with them, even of Adagio use the melodrama trick, Gomes actually likes all his family, and the unusual the better. He would be proud of Adagio if Adagio manipulate him, would prove how part of their family they are.

Wednesday would like to hear the cruel stories of killing they did, and even manipulation skills from both Aria and Adagio, and may be found of psycopaty, so she may be found interested on knowing that.

Pugsley, likes to play, so Sonata would make him a great partners.

I think that we are going to see a bit of familial hypocrisy. If I tame advantage of my family it is well and good. If you try it all the demons of hell will vomit at the suffering I inflict upon you. Seems like a very siren response, no?

Oh god, sonata just gained younger siblings. The little psychopath is going to be besides herself. Aria and Pugsley can bond over there mutual love of violence. This is going to be great.

....i see very few ways this can go wrong.

So are we gonna see attempts at murder from them all and i call nata blowing a house up at least once

How the Addams see those as bonding experiences, i will never know.
Still funny as fuck to see Gomez taking a dip in a vat of lava in the old Addams family cartoon.

I missed that one but yer cartoon logic immortals who are so bored of life they go on one up killing ideas

"Fear not!" Gomez called out in a voice filled with emotion. "As you came to our ancestors' aid in their darkest hour, so shall we come to yours! Our home, our wealth, our hospitality, consider them your own! From this moment forth, we are family!"

Meanwhile in Equestria, Princess Twilight wake up with a sweating cold in her forehead in the middle of the night

Spike: Twilight?! What happened?!
Twilight: I think that we need to go to the portal, horrible times is going to happen

Meanwhile in the human world Sunset Shimmer wake up with a sweating cold in the middle of the night

Sunset Shimmer: somehow I need to check out about that van of last time and tell...

Then her phone is receive a call

Sunset Shimmer: hello?
Applejack: silence is gold, silver is the duck tape got it?
While that, Sunset Shimmer see the diary and throw in the closet and back to her dream to not involved with whatever is happens in that place

I can see this going terribly wrong and at the same time those same ways could go incredibly right

This will definitely go... interestingly. We'll see just how in time.

How to get a High-5 from Gomez 101!
Chapter 1.

How to get into the good books stab anyone with a legitimate reason

I loved the idea of lore. And making sense about the way they use magic. But I think the Adams actually didn't know how to used it with full extent, but it was more like cultural thing, like being unable to age since both Fester and Gomes danced mamushka even to Jack the ripper. And that would be a looooong time...

Aria and Sonata would love to see this dance. Adagio would be in panic. LOL

"I always thought she ran out of air down there and died," Sonata said quietly.

I always thought sirens had gills. (Yes, and lungs. I imagine there's an epiglottis-like structure in there that works like a set of French doors.)

In any case, fascinating bit of backstory. Looking forward to whatever tomorrow brings for the sirens.

Fun fact: the deepest parts of the ocean, the Abyssal Zone and the Hadal Zone, are actually devoid of oxygen due to a lack of photosynthesing plants, meaning even organisms with gills can drown if they don't quickly retreat to the shallower parts of the sea!

To be fair, in most of the Abyssal Zone it's only the first few inches around the sea floor that are fully depleted of oxygen, simply because there's so few creatures down there using what little oxygen that does get introduced, though it varies depending on where you are. Some areas are lethal to anything that isn't specially adapted for it, while others are less hostile, and still others are literal death traps due to chemical content and such.

(This has both my attention, and my interest. I LOVED the original Addams family movie... this is actually making me nostalgic for it again.)

A huge wrought-iron gate was waiting at the top of the hill for them. Adagio stopped the van, but before she could get out the gate creaked open of its own volition. Fighting back a shiver, Adagio restarted the van and drove slowly up the drive, pretending not to notice the gate creaking shit again behind them.

While creaking shits sound grossly hilarious, I get the feeling that is not what you meant to say there. XD

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