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Cuenta oficial de FimFiction de Smashbrosarrmagedon. (no soy Brony para quedar en claro)

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Thanks, the idea it's interesting and that wall of tags I have my question to the next chapters that also remind me a fic but from Fanfiction with the same thematic but based in Super Smash bros, I was never finished sadly

Thanks for adding The futa 7.

If there's a finale for Equestrian Girls... this should be

Thanks for Favoriting This One's for Earth!

Guess the similarities are too much, aren't they? BIble Black is my primary inspiration for my fic. Now about the Dazzlings helping her, I already tell you that it won't happen. But I have something in my mind for the trio...

  • Viewing 12 - 16 of 16
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