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I am but a simple brony who loves everything My little pony FIM

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Thank you for the fav

Quite. Although you are a quiet reader to be sure.

Oh i'm not new, I been keeping up with this for a good while.

I jusr had it in my read later file and finally remembered to add it to my favorites.

Oh, thank you for your interest, newest reader of mine.

I do have original stories of my own in the works, but I won't deny that the others are indeed base off orignals, but like I said there are millions of stories based off orignals that are fun to read.

So I have no regrets with my library. I got permissions from the OG writers, I make sure thier stories are known and credited. Heck my Choose Wisely story put the original back on the popular list for the second time since the author posted the sequel.

Plus I just do this fun and nothing more and if thats so wrong sue me.

  • Viewing 29 - 33 of 33
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