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sup! im really kind and love the show and its charaters but you know how it be when those tingly feelings get involved. like my style? talk to me about custom stories and comissions!

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3228125 cool story cozy's new friend but I do think that twilight should find out what happened to the real cozy and give her the peace that she deserves what do you think because i do not like the idea that the real cozy is seen as a monster when she is not you know what i mean

Oh! Sorry about that….

Yeah, I kind of have two types of content here! I still write nice and wholesome stories too. I admire well-written, concise story descriptions that keep the reader wanting more and enticing htem to read the story - I think its the #1 way to get people to check out your story!

I was about to thank you for adding my story to your list of interesting descriptions, but this comment has successfully frightened me away.

yeah! presentation is absolutely key on a site like this, so i made a category to save interesting short descriptions to study.

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