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This is a group for desirable images and keeping them up.

This is a group where you may promote your own work without shame, as flamboyantly or subtly as you like. The printing presses are always rolling, remember! And do be sure to remember our founder, Rarity...darlings.

Bottom line; Self-promotion and a LOT of Rarity is the name of the game.


Starlight Shadow


Starlight Shadow

We need more Printers! Apply to become one today!

A Printer is someone who promotes our work as a whole, creating a desirable image for us. This can be done in a number of ways-making a thread about it in TSSPB, subtly working it into a conversation with another, or otherwise.

Remember, image is everything, but sometimes an image can be dropped for the greater good, like our founder Rarity did so many ages ago.

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353036 Also, you're in charge of the other ministry images, if that's alright with you. :twilightsheepish: You have all the software and stuff. I can find icons and write descriptions. Together, we are UNSTOPPABLE!

Here's your picture link--
You can add words to it if you want! I know I did!

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