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Another story in our OC universe! · 1:55pm April 30th

Another one taking place during my current ongoing project, Prisoners of War, this is another collaboration with NotaPonyPerson, with the usual action, adventure, romance, and some clop. This will likely be the last main story in the Lightendark series, so if you're interested in the tales of Beatrix, Oona, and their allies/enemies, check it out!


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Afraid I don't do requests anymore, my sole focus is on OC related fics these days.

Hey, can you do a story of Fluttershy being made into a broodmare? It would take place in a stallion dominated version of Equestria where mares are slaves unless wealthy.

She prefers "creepy," but the compliment is appreciated! 😈❤️

  • Viewing 294 - 298 of 298
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