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Cynically Pretentious Hedonistic Nihilist...and those are my nicer qualities!

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My 50th Story Celebration! · 6:14am December 5th

Wanted to write something purely for myself, as I've been fulfilling lots of requests, but didn't have too many ideas. Decided to revisit an old favorite with a small vignette.

Thanks to all my readers as always!

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Go ahead, although I may need a break for a while; been tackling tons lately and some old unfinished fics are falling behind.

I know you haven't gotten to my previous idea yet, but I do have another one already if it's okay to send it.

Sure, can't promise when I'll get to it though, very stacked with projects!

I have a new fic idea if I can send it.

Thanks, I'm always open to questions/discussions from anyone so don't hesitate to contact me anytime!

  • Viewing 149 - 153 of 153
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