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Serenity Now.

Spitfire (Undisputed Best Pony)

Me waiting for updates to stories

100% Me.

Sometimes a quote/soundbite comes along that just... Describes me perfectly.

The fact that it's Alex Jones saying it makes it even more incredible! 😂


12/3/17 (First 5 Goals)
✅Post a Story
✅Get a Follower
✅Get a story Featured (Probably Impossible) [8/28/2018]
✅Get 10 Likes on a story
✅Get 100 Views on a story

1/7/19 (Jeezuz what a gap between these widget doo-hickeys!)

-Collab with another Author (Preferably One of My Favorites, but I'm not Picky.)
-Try not to write an RGRE fic (unless it's really good) 😂
✅500 Likes on a Story (Semi-Lofty Goal) [The Mayor's Assistant] 3/25/19
✅Have a favorite author 'enjoy' a story (Even though I know they're lying. 😂)
-10K Views on a Story (Probably Unreasonable)
-500 Followers (Completely Insane)

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Mildly Miserable


Here Have Some Cloudchaser · 2:02pm Saturday

Trying to find time to write is a difficult task at the moment. Other than that, not much else to say!

Find cute and adorable Pegasus Pone Below!



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