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12/3/17 (First 5 Goals)
✅Post a Story
✅Get a Follower
✅Get a story Featured (Probably Impossible) [8/28/2018]
✅Get 10 Likes on a story
✅Get 100 Views on a story

1/7/19 (Jeezuz what a gap between these widget doo-hickeys!)

-Collab with another Author (Preferably One of My Favorites, but I'm not Picky.)
-Try not to write an RGRE fic (unless it's really good) 😂
✅500 Likes on a Story (Semi-Lofty Goal) [The Mayor's Assistant] 3/25/19
✅Have a favorite author 'enjoy' a story (Even though I know they're lying. 😂)
✅10K Views on a Story (Probably Unreasonable) [Cadence's New Wife] [The Mayor's Assistant]
✅500 Followers (Completely Insane) [11/24/2019]

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New Clopfic with Female Anon! Cute Royal Pones Included! · 2:36am Dec 7th, 2019

So I wrote a fic with a female Anon. (Link Below) Honestly, I kind of like it... It may be a bit out there kinkwise, but I don't think it's too crazy. So... if it's not too much trouble, could you go give it a read? :twilightsheepish: Maybe a comment and a thumby thumb too. ^_^

[Adult story embed hidden]

Find Rule 63 Moonbutt and Sunbutt below!

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Please make a story where he breeds one of the main 6 dom the anon throat fucks rarity story

Comment posted by Erebus Cantillon deleted Nov 23rd, 2019

Shoot me a PM with what you had in mind.

Will it's a facesitting story idea

I listen to ideas, no promise that I'll write it though.

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