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Knowing her time is limited, the Sphinx summons the one person she can trust; Somnambula. She entrusts her secrets and power to her in the hope it will put her at peace.

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... Meh. It's too short by a long shot to get across what you're trying to. It's not horrible by any means of course. But theres' too little for me too care about what happened.

Plus it would help if I knew what Somnabula looked like now. She can't look the same as the cover art, since they're human here.

It's Fim, not equestria girls. Plus, there is no human tag. Just a tiny typo, that's all.

I rather like your story!

Yes there is a Human tag on the story. I'll let the author tell me if it's a typo or not.

Oh, I didn't realise that.

Sorry it was rather scant; I try to eliminate filler when I can but other than more description and character interaction, what do you think would help fill it out?

Also, only Somnambula is human here; the Sphinx is her usual self and the cover art is what Somnambula becomes.
Thank you, although I was goìng for a humanized version of Somnambula with the Sphinx being as we know her; not sure I conveyed that well, unfortunately!

Okay, thank you for specifying.

Knowing what I do now clears it all up. Though I'm having trouble seeing the original sphinx as human. But I can dig Somnambula as a sphinx herself.

No problem!
I'm thinking the Sphinx had her role passed onto her by someone else in a similar ritual, but purposely left it ambiguous in case the reader prefers to believe she was the first and somehow turned into what she became.

I do not see the prince being particularly happy about this, if not for her now being the very entity that once took him hostage, for the fact that there love is now and forever a thing beyond them....even if somnambula still held feelings for him i doubt either could stand to let that fire grow knowing that time would stamp it out...and all somnambula would have left was a tomb, like so many others.

I figure in this dimension Somnambula and Hissan may not be a thing; plus she's a mediator who puts duty before pleasure.

Interesting concept

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