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Equestria, devastated by war, now offers few opportunities. However Trixie strives to take care of her daughter, certain that she'll meet back up with the unknowing father someday.

In pursuit they head from one place to another, collecting what bits they can, and training little Beatrix Belladonna in hopes she'll one day follow in her footsteps.

My 50th story! Continuity is set between the stories Shining's Force 1&2, but neither are required to read this.

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This was adorable! Will there be a sequel?

Thank you! I may write one eventually, as I always think up more ideas after I post a story and smack myself for not adding them!

REEEEEEEEEEE (adorableness over 9000)

Thanks! Nice for Beatrix to have a rare lighthearted adventure!:yay:

Hey! Since the Finale is about to come, why not try to make more Beatrix Childhood stories so that the Finale becomes the 100th story. Would be satisfying

Don't think I have much more to say about her childhood, plus interest is sadly low.

Well maybe an idea will come up. I like her childhood.

I think the main interesting stuff comes when she meets Flurry Heart in Shining's Force 2, although it's nice to have a simpler tale!

I wished we could've seen a bit more from childhood. How many months is this away from Shining Force 2?

Deliberately left vague so I can put more stuff in later if I wish and let the reader's imagination fill in the blanks.

Hmm, what else did you wish to see?

Like since I might end up doing Project Armorous, Childhood would be the first area I'll be talking about so more info and stories to guide to would be very helpful! Both both of us! Since you might be able to reach 100th for the Finale.

Think it's mostly been implied or stated in exposition, basically Beatrix travels around training with her mom and getting into mischief. Don't think anything else major happens until she meets Flurry Heart.

Alright. Maybe I can create some interesting things that still fits the canon.

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