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Hello, my name is Alicia and I wasn't always a fan of mlp, but now I'm like obessed with it. I embrace it and don't care what others may think.

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  • Spring Love Rainbow Dash has a crush on Soarin, she isn't willing to admit her feelings. by Nailah 8,411 words · 385 views · 19 likes · 5 dislikes

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[ ] Have 100 followers
[ ] Have 250 followers
[ ] Have 500 followers Yay!
[ ] Have 1 of my stories featured in the featured box
[ ] Have 100 likes on one story
[ ] Finish all my current stories.
[ ] Start my own group focusing on Oc love.

Will add more if I think of more. I love all of my followers and appreciate you guys so much!

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New Story ideas · 3:21pm November 29th

I know I have three stories I'm currently working on but I can't help that I've come up with some new concepts, which one should I do next?

First idea: Summary: Pinkie Pie has accidentally stumbled into a strange place where dreams magically come true and true love always wins, the only thing is Pinkie's never had a dream. She has to figure out what her dream would be in order to obtain it. As for love she's really not sure about that.

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Why thank you for boarding the Crazy Train! :pinkiecrazy:

Hey thanks for adding A Loving Embrace to your bookself.

You're quite welcome. <3

Hey, thanks a bunch for the follow! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the fave on "Building A Different Fence"

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