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Snow Heart and Frost Heart references

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Nailah's Reviewer Mansion! · 1:32pm Yesterday

Hello every pony! As many of you know, I am a reviewer, I review stories for others. For the longest time, I didn't see myself as a leader. I took some time to reflect on how I felt, and how I should press forward. Too often I hesitate, and that is something I need to change. I will embrace this change, and I will come out stronger because of it. So I'm here to tell you all I'm now the Leader/Founder of my own review group, and I'm asking you all for your support. You all have been such an

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Story Info and Progress

This is where I announce how far I've gotten once I've officially written down the idea for a story some of them you already know and some you may not have heard of as my imagination is ALL over the place. A few of them may even contain clop. You've been warned. xD.

A Derpy Princess Status: Incomplete (Multi Chapter) -45%

An Unbridled Love Status: Summary written down-to be started.

My Little Slave Status: Summary written down-to be started.

You drive me batty: Summary written down- 10% -paused

My Big Hero: Summary written down- to be started.

Song of the Heart- Summary written down- to be started.

The Moonlight Waltz- Summary written down- Starting!

Glimmer of Hope NEW- Started 10%-

Reflections-Summary written down, to be started.

Falling Rainbows-Summary written down, to be started

Untitled? -Monster hunter/mlp crossover. Needs proper summary written. To be started.

My MLP Goals

[X ] Have 100 followers (Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for ALL the support.)
[ X ] Have 200 Followers.
[X ] Have 250 followers
[ ] Have 500 followers Yay!
[x ] Have 1 of my stories featured in the featured box (Falling Rainbows! )
[ ] Have 100 likes on one story
[ ] Finish all my current stories. (Pretty sure with all the ideas I have this may NEVER happen!)
[x ] Start my own group focusing on Oc love.

Will add more if I think of more. I love all of my followers and appreciate you guys so much!

My Oc ponies

I will post bios and link any pictures I have of my oc's whether I draw them or have avatars for them. :)

Midnight Star-Backstory: He and his best friend Emma Flower were exploring through the vaste wastelands beyond their home of Equestria. The two had grown up together and were almost inseparable until it happened. They encountered an ancient old town not knowing what sort of tricks and traps were there, his best friend he watched as she calmly went ahead of him like she normally did and set off an explosion that coursed through the entire area, he of course had no choice but to run but he was marked for life by the hellfire marking right below the star that he had gained when he had learned what his talent was and it would forever burn him. After wards he became distant and even cold, causing chaos and mayhem wherever he went for his grief had taken control over him and he would need someone to once again open his heart to see that he was still good inside.

Emma Flower-Backstory: Emma Flower was actually born in Ponyville though being a Pegasus pony as she was she was sent to Cloudsdale to learn how to truly learn how to fly and be with her own kind. Emma had always had a gentleness to her with a warm smile to all those that she met, She then met Midnight Star a young male colt that was showing off his new cutie mark in a bright yellow star to a few mares and colts of his age. Emma of course wondered what her own mark would be but it wasn't what she focused on, she just enjoyed exploring and learning new things and spreading happiness to others, of course Emma quickly made friends with the other ponies but mostly she and Midnight had a unique bond, because she was from Ponyville she often wasn't sure how to act in Cloudsdale or how to feel as a Pegusus and Midnight was there to lift her up with his unique charm over the years. She giggled at his jokes, found his flirting into their adult years flattering and the two still remained as constant friends. Eventually she returned home to Ponyville and she found a flower blooming in a spot where it seemed not much could grow and seeing this made her realize her true talent, she loved to see others happy and she loved traveling more than anything else so she knew then she would be a traveling florist, arranging flowers for all sorts of creatures and helping them to see how happy they could be. Of course she felt a bit lonely after she got her cutie mark because she and Midnight hadn't talked since she left flight school but it wasn't long before Midnight Star moved to Ponyville so that he could be closer to Emma. From then on Emma and Midnight did almost everything as a duo, they stayed friends despite the fact that Midnight was quite fond of Emma but never knew how to tell her but yet she knew that he treated her different than most stallions. It wasn't until that fateful day when the explosion went off and Midnight thought she had died in the explosion. This was not entirely true, she was very badly injured afterwards, and she didn't want Midnight to worry so she decided to wonder into a nearby forest and make a new life for herself, she hoped that one day she could return to her home of Ponyville and feel normal again.

Snow Heart-Backstory-Rifted into a world unknown to her, Snow Heart had to quickly adjust to the fact that "magic is friendship" didn't work in this world in the same way it had in hers, but despite this she continued to believe in friendship and even during the hard times she wouldn't give up her belief in her friends and when a changeling tried to take her few friends from her, she was defeated at first and captured, but when her friends were threatened, she found the strength within her to escape and fight the changeling, this time she defeated the changeling and transformed into an alicorn. (Note in my area Snow Heart is basically Celestia. )

Frost Heart-Backstory: In progress: Evil sister of Snow Heart (Aka the Luna of my universe.)

Frozen Heart-Backstory- In progress: Snow Heart's son. Unicorn.

Canonfire-Backstory- Daughter of Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich. (you can call me a fan.)

Fang- (dragon Oc)- Backstory: In progress

Night Flare-Backstory: Night Flare is the son of Midnight Star and Electric Flare and when he found out about how he came into be, he wanted to find his father to find out the truth and why he never returned to save his mother from a life of misery.

(probably more but the ones that come to mind immediately.)

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When you get around to it, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on it.

You're quite welcome. Honestly I haven;t read your story yet, I'm following you because of Applezombi. <3

Thanks for the follow. Means a great deal to have a big name like you on board. Hope you enjoyed the story.

no problem I like the story it's a good setup

Thanks for the watch! I appreciate it.

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