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Snow Heart and Frost Heart references

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Did you know I make stuff? Did you know I make it with my own two hands? And with love? If you've ever wanted to support me in a unique way and get something in return, this is how to do it. Support my shop. Buy stuff off of me. Each thing I make I assure is made with quality, time and care. I love my crafting, and I love giving back to all you amazing ponies. So now is YOUR chance to help me shine. For all the world to see. Together, we're going to be strong and conquer anything in our paths.
~Nailah the Phoenix


Contest deadline! · 1:16pm Monday

Due to realizing that I wasn't giving enough time for the writers to write, the contest deadline has been extended to May 30th!
That's all I wanted to say so um, thanks for dropping by to read this.

Remember, you are all wonderful. <3

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