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 It’s Hearth’s warming eve, and the Cutie mark crusaders had a big holiday party for all of their fellow classmates. Pipsqueak talks to Dinky about what she’s doing for the holidays.

He also tells her how much he wants to make a name for himself, be some pony someday, like how the Crusaders inspire so many ponies.

Pre-reader: Chryssy

This is a Breezie gift for: The Iguana Man for Jinglemas 2023

Art by: skyheavens

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Very cute story. Dinky shall help him become great pony! :heart:

nice to see another Dinky/pip fic, its rather rare and i always love to see more of Dinky, she's my favorite foal, next to pip:twilightsheepish: and i like the idea of both being cmc too

Very sweet little story! Especially liked the teddy bear sections... I wanna snuggle it too!

You know, when I requested these two, I said to myself "You know, The Iguana Man, I think you have far too much control over your blood sugar levels! You need to really lower your insulin levels somehow, and I think these two will be just the thing! Maybe if you're lucky, you can then immediately go into hyperglycemic shock from the sheer, tooth-melting sweetness."

Yep, definitely acheived that! Not sure how I'm typing this from my diabetic coma, but I'm glad I'm able to say thank you - both for the story and for stepping in.

I really wanted this NOT to be romance, because while romance has it's place, these two are kids.

That's entirely fair. I admit, I do enjoy some ships between kids*, but it's obviously going to be uncomfortable for a lot of people and I completely understand why. As such, even if I were inclined to explicitly ask for a shipfic, I wouldn't do so with child characters.

In fact, the reason I phrased it like that is to try and make it clear that I have absolutely no preference one way or the other when it comes to shipping in the story. I generally try to put something to that effect in my Jinglemas prompts, since I don't want to make someone write a ship they don't want to, but I also don't want them to wonder if there's some hidden desire for a shipfic underneath the request and which they aren't fulfilling. I've gone through several iterations of the message and I really don't think I've found a satisfactory one. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them.

I hope you like what I came up with, and if there's anything else you would've liked to see, I'd love to know!

Not a thing! In general, I try to keep my prompts as loose as I can while staying within my preferences, both because I want to give the writer as free a reign as possible to work within and because I enjoy being surprised by what they come up with.

And that definitely applied here. Thank you very much for this - I really appreciate it.

*Yes, I know it's unrealistic; yes, obviously it needs to avoid the more... advanced aspects of relationships and stick to the more innocent, non-physical aspects; and yes, I am aware that might make me look and/or be weird. I just... think it can be adorable. I apologize if that's an issue for anyone.

Hahaha, I really love hearing that you loved it. And please get yourself some orange juice! It's like the number one thing to do if you still have any function over your body, And if you didn't usually there's a special pen for that, those hopefully it's not THAT bad of a diabetic shock. Though, I suppose that means there's no way this could've been cuter, which I take as very, very high praise.

I noticed you favorited my other Jinglemas story Taking the reins, so I knew right away that you did like romance but as soon as I saw your prompt, I had an immediate idea involving Pipsqueak before the CMC got their marks. Even rewatched the episode to get a better feel for his character. Pipsqueak nor Dinky get much characterization in the show, it's sad.

Writing children was def a challenge for my brain. I was like "Nailah keep it simple, but Nailah also tell a good story within a short timeframe." As a Breezie, I pride myself on being SPEED. I am Speed, I can type very fast. Google says I'm an octopus, which I think is a compliment. I've always been good on the keyboard, but fast doesn't always meant quality. So, behind the scenes here, this took me about two hours to write up, and then I got my roommate to look over it, so that's still pretty damn fast. SPEED.

You are most welcome! It's a privilege to be able to do this for others, it's my way of giving back to the site. Happy Holidays, Iguana!

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