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Nurse Redheart’s job is one of the most difficult ones in Equestria. Patient to patient to patient, not all of them making it she does her best to power through and give the care her patients need.

Prereaders: RobCakeran, Holtinater, Emotion Nexus, Buttery Biscuit, QueenChrysalisForever

Dedicated to: All the EMT's, the caregiver's. The ones that keep us safe. <3
A speedwrite entry for Dictionary of Thoughts 2: "Experience is the extract of suffering" was the prompt

Coverart link:Here

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It's particularly difficult to underappreciate nurses these days, overworked as they've become. They especially need support in places like mine, where more than half their patients are Trump-loving COVID deniers who would rather die than believe a word they say. The kinds of abuse they've endured... I've even heard of people deliberately trying to infect the nurses treating them. Now granted, everyone I know has at least one horror story regarding their meeting an incredibly incompetent nurse (myself included), but it's still a difficult job no matter how good they are at it.

As for this story, it's a nice slice of life. Grammatically, it does need some cleaning up; it's mostly a bunch of little stuff like punctuation. It's not too distracting, but I felt it should still be mentioned.

I feel like I've read something like this before... regardless, I love it. This may have given me an idea for a story. Keep up the great work:heart:

Great story!
I enjoyed reading it.

A good story Nailah I like it.

If y’all paycheck was a million dollars, would y’all take these types of jobs?

There are those of us that do even if we make less than those that work at department stores.

Yeah, but that’s the only way I’m taking a job like that.

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