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Fluttershy is visiting with her parents, and hoping to enjoy a pleasant time with them, so why is she crying? And can Applejack help her to know what's truly important?

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Fluttershy decides to take a soothing walk to the river, and see how the ducks are doing. She wasn't expecting to make a friend.

Just a random piece I wrote to practice. I decided to post it up, I don't think anyone has seen this besides me, so any flaws are my own.

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Rarity was prepared, or at least she thought she was. She wanted to ask Twilight Sparkle a small question but why was it so hard to ask her?

Preread and edited by: Lofty Withers and ChudoJogurt

Author's Note: Originally stress writing, that I decided to "patch" up and give to you guys because you are all awesome. Thank you to my patreons for your support!

Art credit to: Art by Funk

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Fluttershy knows the fear of letting the music inside her out. Seeing Sweetie Belle struggling, she puts aside her own anxieties to help a friend in need. Together, they can make beautiful music.

Additional characters- Torch Song, Toe Tapper, Celestia and Luna.

Preread by: Skyward Sword and David Silver
Edited by: Skyward Sword and David Silver.

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You were just a simple country pony, you enjoyed the simple things in life, and kept mostly to yourself. One day you saw a rainbow maned Pegasus.
She made your jaw drop, as you couldn't help but stare, but quickly remembered who you were, and who she was. There was no way a pony of her caliber would ever like a pony like you. One day she asks you out of the blue to hang out with her, you agree, because why not?

Preread by: Skyward Sword
Edited by: Skyward Sword and Applefai

Featured! -8/15/19 at 9:15pm

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Starlight Glimmer wakes up one morning to discover the Castle empty. Figuring, Twilight and Spike just forgot to inform her of a trip, she gets ready to go visit Trixie to give her a gift. Starlight discovers something truly terrifying, and the only pony that can fix it is herself. She had to stay calm, but it was hard when all the pressure of success relied solely on her hooves....

Preread by: Bricklayer and Skyward Sword
Edited by: Skyward Sword

Updates: Bi-weekly on Wednesday.

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How do you know who you are, when you are so many things in one? This is a story about discovering who you are, and what that means to you. It's a reflective piece meant for most readers to be able to connect with Ocellus.
Preread by: BezierBallad and Cosmic Eclipse.
Edited by: Skyward Sword.

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Spitfire has always been a mare of business, but when Rainbow Dash offers her a chance to truly relax, she decides to take her up on the offer. She decides rather quickly to go explore the dangerous everfree forest, curious to why so many ponies avoid it, what she finds isn't what she expected. But she wasn't complaining either. Spitfire had the feeling that this vacation was going to get rather wild rather quickly, and she couldn't help but keep going further into the depths of the unknown.

This story is brought to you by Skyward Sword. He challenged me to write this, and I challenged him to write something too. We gave ourselves guidelines and a time limit, so I'm linking his story here, because I want it to be a fair competition. Let us know which of us "won" the competition. To the winner goes all of the cookies and glory, but I learned a lot from this challenge, mostly never to give up even when something seems impossible.

Skyward Sword's story: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/440507/tutoring-hearts

Preread by the talented: Bricklayer.
Edited by Skyward Sword.
Written by Nailah.

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It's just another average day for Rarity, stressing out about deadlines. Sweetie Belle wants nothing more than to help her big sister, but when a bit of magic goes astray, and Rarity becomes tiny, she'll have to think quickly or else she miss the deadline, and she cannot miss this opportunity! It might be her one and only chance to impress the stallions and mares of Fillydephia.

Edited by the talented: https://www.fimfiction.net/user/302785/LunaFan183

FEATURED! Not certain on the date, sometime in April shortly after publication. Thank you every pony.

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Rainbow Dash has admired Twilight Sparkle from afar for quite a while now, finally she decides to admit to her how she feels, but she gets nervous at the last minute, and decides to take her on a grand adventure just like the ones Daring Do goes on, but when the two of them accidentally get mixed up in a real Daring Do adventure, the two will not only have to survive, but work together while getting to know each other at the same time.

Prereaders: Seriff Pilcrow, and Sparkle Cola, Wolf Green
Editiors: Seriff Pilcrow, and Sparkle Cola, Wolf Green.

Cover art by: https://www.deviantart.com/inowiseei/art/Fly-away-708279983

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