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Nurse Redheart’s job is one of the most difficult ones in Equestria. Patient to patient to patient, not all of them making it she does her best to power through and give the care her patients need.

Prereaders: RobCakeran, Holtinater, Emotion Nexus, Buttery Biscuit, QueenChrysalisForever

Dedicated to: All the EMT's, the caregiver's. The ones that keep us safe. <3
A speedwrite entry for Dictionary of Thoughts 2: "Experience is the extract of suffering" was the prompt

Coverart link:Here

Chapters (1)

In a world without friendship and magic, a young unicorn must learn how to survive and adapt to the changes around her, without changing who she is.

Pre-reader: Stinium_Ruide

Editor: Stinium_Ruide

Cover art: Cloptimist

Chapters (2)

Moondancer has always looked up to Twilight, she was perfect, not like her. How could she ever even hope to think she had a chance with the brightest star of them all? Maybe moon and star could align...if fates intertwine.

Prereaders: Ninjadeadbeard, Emotion Nexus, and Level Dasher.

Edited by: Level Dasher

Cover art credit: Link

Not a Jinglemas story, but a gift for my bf. I love you. <3

Chapters (1)

"On Hearth's Warming Day, Celestia usually wants to relax and enjoy the holiday season. Unfortunately, her pet, Philomena, has other plans, frustrating her and refusing to listen to anything Celestia says. When Fluttershy stops by for a chance visit, Celestia hopes she can calm the chaotic phoenix, but what other reason does Fluttershy have for being there? "

Prereader: Ninjadeadbeard,SunlightRays

Cover art: Artist
Picture was cropped by ninjadeadbeard

This was written for [Petrichcord] as a part of Jinglemas 20XX! For more information about Jinglemas, checkout our group!


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Life is full of moments, and treasures, but how could she get Applejack the greatest gift of all?

Preread by Krazy and The Red Parade, and applezombi.
Many thanks. <3

Coverart: https://derpicdn.net/img/download/2019/10/22/2176021.png

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 Life is like picking cherries, but there was so much more to her than just cherries. Cherry Berry found herself losing herself in the beautiful horizon above her, wondering what it would be like to fly away from the troubles of the world.

Prereaders: AuroraDawn

Coverart link: Coverart

This story was written as part of a gift exchange by reviewers from Nailah’s Review Group, as a gift for The Red Parade! Hope you like it!

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"Sometimes the dice favor you, and sometimes you get eaten by a dragon."

Note: Contains slight vore for STORY purposes.

Prereaders: AuroraDawn, Cloptimist

Featured: December 6th, 2020

Cover art link: https://derpibooru.org/1234892?scope=scpe3db6f300642340ac0088f5739863d1675908f96e

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Dancing Star was a normal unicorn mare, or at least that's what her parents wanted. But Dancing was so much more than just another unicorn mare, she was beautiful

CW: Transgender pony
If this offends you please don't read. I have written this in a way that is respectful, powerfully envoking, and will capture the hearts of the readers. Dancing Star is my OC, though the image for the cover was borrowed, I will put a link below to where you can find it.

Prereaders: applezombi, Holtinater, Stinium_Ruide, Nano Discussions.

Editor: SunlightRays

Picture link:Picture

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Vinyl's always stuck out for being wild and unique, but when she meets Princess Twilight, she learns a different kind of lesson about how interesting music and love can be.

This is my first commissioned piece for Mushroompone for winning 2nd price in a speed write competition

Coverart Source: Link

Chapters (1)

When Twilight gains her wings, Rainbow Dash is there to help her learn not only to embrace the change, but embrace the sky to fly.

Preread by: Cyonix, Seriff Pilcrow, and Salespony

Edited by: Salespony

Art by https://www.deviantart.com/kimmyartmlp

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