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Romance Story Recommendation: To Perytonia by Cloudy Skies · 4:50am Last Monday

Hello! Welcome to the start of my romance recommendation series; a very sporadic one that will not appear in feed boxes very often, rest assured! I must confess that these posts are primarily for my own benefit; scandalous, I know. I want to improve my own writing skills, and making these reviews should hopefully serve to aid in that to some degree but I suppose we shall see.

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Hello there. Don't think I've seen you around before, but thanks for checking out when did this happen. Hope you like it when you get around to it:raritystarry:

You're welcome! And I'm looking forward to getting around to it. RariTwi is one of my all time favorites. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the add. I hope you enjoy when you get to reading my story! <3

Glad you liked it a lot! And thank you, I greatly appreciate the encouragement! :twilightsmile:

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