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That Prince Blueblood treats mares terribly. Luna takes matters into her own hoof to teach him a lesson, but it is she that learns something instead.

Tags: tg, trans, self identity.

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Not bad, but nothing I find myself particularly interested in.
I'll leave a like, but that's all.

I can't help but wonder if that is a spelling error in the title.

You sneak, you changed the title without telling me!

ssooo will this be a gender bent Blue Blood?

Less gender bent and more transgender, but yes.

ah I was rather hoping to see him turned into a mare lol

1 chapter in and I am hooked!

That is what transgender means to a born stallion. Genderbent just implies shenanigans, rather than a purposeful journey of self-discovery and transition.

Ah sorry. I tend to use it to refer to when a character gets gender flopped in one way or another! :twilightsmile:

1 chapter and I’m hooked. Can’t wait for more

something i like about prince blueblood is because he only appeared once in canon you can take him in interesting directions, self conceited prince, a decent stallion that play the buffoon to keep away gold diggers, take him on journey of discovery etc his character very moldable to creative mind be interested to see where this goes

honestly he should be speaking to discord if he want a permanent sex change, not only would he have the power for it but he agree being the same gender your whole life is very boring

While possibly true, would any self-respecting royal turn to that?

I honestly don’t see why this comment was disliked. It’s not as if you’re saying anything negative overall, you’re simply stating your opinion of a story that you said was good. I don’t think it’s wrong to say a story is not your taste, but overall was quality writing.

if they could get away with it in secret yes, as a brit i know that royalty do anything if they think they can get away with it

it probably because their not adding anything constructive, i dont like this and my opinion matters feel bad for not meeting my interests now good day sir etc

I'm glad the writing was up to snuff. They can't all interest everyone.

To put my two cents in, I believe this story is very well done, and I will be keeping my eye on it. I love these self discovery stories especially those involving usually antagonistic characters. Good show!

She couldn't just arrest him. Poor attitude or not, he was royalty. Her sister would be quite cross with her if she started throwing them in jail or otherwise marching up on them in the hallways.

Just saying: Nobility. There's a difference.

He is related to the monarch, hence royalty. It would take ONE HELL OF AN EVENT to end up with him actually taking the throne, but...

Luna was thrown clear as it ended. Blueblood had woken up, leaving her dizzy from the expulsion. "What was that?" She had misjudged his motivations. "This bears further investigation."

Oddly bringing to mind......

His expression brightened, hope emerging. "Would you?! I mean... that could be long enough to teach a criminal a lesson, perhaps?"

Pot. Kettle. SAME COLOUR. :ajbemused:

Cadance's face brightened. "Now we're talking. What kind of romance books?"

Okay. That made me laugh. Have a like.

Thanks for reminding me that show existed. Another piece of my childhood has again been found.

Well, colored me interested! Can't wait to see where this goes...

She was a princess of shipping

The Princess of Shipping! She earned that title!

As Pinkie Pie would say:
"Aaah. The nostalgic and retro memories.":ajsleepy::pinkiesmile:

So Blueblood is looking to become a mare to either push away suitors or because he wants to become an actual princess for the sake of it OR he’s actually a trans mare looking for a way to transition.

Frankly, 2/3 interesting scenarios ain’t bad (2nd scenario seems a bit meh IMO). I’m interested in seeing where this goes.

Note, Luna did ask him if he hungered for powered, and he was confused at the idea. He's already a royal pony. Sure, we, outsiders, clearly note he isn't Celestia, or even Cadance, but he is, in his eyes, already at the top of the social order.

Love this premise! Totally enmaored with the idea! I am glad someone sees a little humanity in old blueblood. Especially trans! Im so excited this just too cool. I will totally be a bro give you a coffee!

Ps. Your writing was good. clear and evocated the right amount of emotion. I felt her desire. I loved that you made Celestia to be honest. A antagoinst. But a kind of silly one in a manner. As she just so blind really. Well best intentioned of course.

Those are the best villians and is also why I par the course do not like celestia. She just smells of complacence and lack of introspection. And I ruler who does not examine their life. Themselves. The people around them is sad and horrible way for everyone ivolved. I also loved that Luna is the peoples princess. Now I love your inteption of Luna. I absoulute hate the idea of someone walk in my dreams. Lol

On that note that thank for such a lovely gem of a story. Have a good evening!

A surprise for you. Because they paid last month, another chapter is coming this month before we settle into the 1/month groove.

Blueblood's utter cluelessness at how power works wins!


Interesting to see it's "purely" that, I've seen Blueblood go in bitter directions of "because I am not the important one" and he's lashing out because of it, but this seems like not-that.

Does Blueblood's physical sex change or not? It's not very clear.

I swear I had this exact same idea years ago while working in the garden. Oh well might as well enjoy it.

I hope Bluebelle will be not so arrogant jerk as Blueblood it this story.

I thought she was The Princess of Food.

In the dream it sure did, but also in the dream, she wasn't staring between her own legs, just admiring her new face and voice and general body shape, because dream logic.

Aye, but then again...
He could have been lying.
It’s up to the writer to show me that I was wrong in my assumption. Or correct. It’s your story after all.
Either way, am interested.

We need more than one chapter. It will come, have no fear!

Ah yes, rule 63, the ages old trope that makes you doubt your cisness. Also Cadance here is best and I love her

Rule 63 would imply there already is a female Blueblood, instead of Blueblood considering if he is the female Blueblood.

Always be Princess of Shipping.

It's sad to see this story collecting a fairly high share of dislikes. I'm sure not all of them are culturally or politically motivated, but I have to presume at least some of them are because the downvoter is anti-trans, and that's really unfortunate. I wish the world would move past intolerance... It's a battle in any age.

As for me, I enjoyed reading this, and I look forward to reading more.

I'm enjoying this story so far, and am curious to see how it goes!

Mild bit of criticism: I feel like you zoomed through the major story beats too fast. The first dream sequence especially, which IMO could have benefitted with a bit more hints about why Blueblood wants what he wants, how long he's felt that way, etc.

You've set a lot of things in motion here which is great! Although I feel like with even the tiniest bit more buildup on each, they could be even better.

Keep it up though, I want to see how this goes!

Sorry for that. I was setting the field, as it were. We'll take our time now, promise!

No worries man! I only give my feedback to try and be helpful. :pinkiehappy:

Pacing is always troublesome to figure out for a story. Regardless your story is pretty intriguing so far so I look forward to it!

Maybe this Blueblood is nasty to mares because he is jealous of them and wishes that he was one. I am enjoying this story and look forward to more.

The confusion between demideity alicorn "princess" and female royal "princess". Get more titles, Equestria!

"First you charge into his personal space, then you ignore obvious clues?

This is already the best Cadence.

It is one way people who are transgender deal with their dysphoria. I'm not saying it's a good way of dealing with it, but it does happen.

At least Blue didn't turn to alcohol or drugs as a means of dealing with the problem.


This story has piqued my curiosity. Will track and wait for updates

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