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Such A Chlorbag

Sweetie Belle in the streets, Scootaloo in the sheets.


And can you dry your tears
When the rain falls down in droves and droves
And can I be here for you
To let me hold you tight

Trixie has been best friends with Starlight Glimmer for months now, and the bond between them has never been stronger. But, after a bull-headed mistake and lack of critical thinking, Trixie manages to leave Starlight Glimmer angry and disappointed. Again.

Over the course of a single day, Trixie takes the steps to make things right between the two of them and, in doing so, instantly discovers some feelings inside of her that she never thought possible. Her best friend was kind, sweet, and yes, very hot. And now she was in love with her.

Greatly inspired by this amazing image by TheSoleil, as well as the brony song Seagulls by the illustrious FritzyBeat.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 101 )

Bruh I would have dropped this over the course of a week.
Don't waste all your heat in ine day!

I hope there is room for a sequel, I will give my opinion on what I would like to see after I have read the story, but the idea is already good.

I know, but this was originally intended to be a one shot and I just wanted to get it out and forget about it so I could move on to what’s next.

Loved the appearance of Discord, it fit very well!

This was so intense and well-written and i absolutely love it. Maybe the best TrixieXStarlight I've ever read!

Thank you so much for your comments! I greatly appreciate them, and I'm glad you liked the story!

biologic rematerialization spell

Oh Celestia, I did NOT need flashbacks to certain grimdark fanfics in my adorable Startrix romcom

Haha, sorry! I had a feeling being scientific about that would sound weird.

This one will be a keeper.

I liked how the story built up. There were some moments of "realization" from the two, but it took its time getting to them. The evolution of emotions ran the gamut and I'm glad the story took its time focusing on them. The final payoff made the journey worth it.

Very nice work!

On the one hand, I'm pretty annoyed at Starlight for spoiling Trixie's big moment here with her temper. On the other hand...yeah, suddenly getting dumped in a lake right before work will strain anyone's mood.

Ah, much better. Glad starlight cooled off even before the apology.

Much cuteness. Trixie's skills at both subterfuge and apology are unparalleled.

I don't know what grimdark fics are being referred to, but maybe call it transdimensional relocation instead? The first sounds more like creating a copy (for the silly treatment of that see Dying to Get There)

For the record, I don't know the reference either. It wasn't intentional. But you make a good point, there. I might change it actually.

As it turns out, projecting your ego outwards leads to great compliments. Who would have known?

Hugs and clearing things up and telling each other how much they mean to each other is adorable. And I really liked what Starlight said about Trixie working to improve herself.

Lyra and Bon Bon type best friends Trixie, it's okay. There's precedent even!
Maybe you can get Twilight to give you SPECIAL friendship lessons :trollestia:

Discord was perfect. It was immediately obvious who was talking even before it appeared in the text. And he was the appropriate mix of jerky and hilarious, with a bonus of actually giving pretty good advice this time.

I think Discord is kindof unable to NOT be a jerk without stopping being Discord, but at least he can be a helpful one.

Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder definitely needs an alternate set, Starlight Glimmer's Shipping Manifesto. With TGAPTrixie having a prominent roll.

Thank you for all the kind words on my story! I'm glad you liked it.

Sweet Moons!! You write these characters so well!!!! I love it 💕 💕 💕

Oh, you’re too kind! Thank you!

I'm not crying. Your crying. Shut up!

Okay, i’m commenting here to say, this story is amazing so far. The characters are perfectly written, (Discord especially!) the dialogue in general is incredibly smooth and natural, the pacing is quite honestly perfect, and i can’t wait to see where this story goes! :moustache:

The bigger someones ego... the more weight the compliments that person offers hold =P well... the true compliments at least XD

after all... when someone that's nice to everyone all the time says something nice you tend to only see it as them just being nice... but when the asshole that almost only cares about themselves suddenly offers an actual heartfelt compliment to you? it hits you like a brick XD

You’re so nice! Thank you!

I also got the feeling Starlight was a bit to mean there, even after it sounded as if she understood the problen, she still let her fuse uuhhhmmm.... she got angry again. (I wanted to use that word, but I suddenly wasn't sure how to correctly use fuse there). I think that was a sayin I don't completely remember.

It is definitly going to be too short in the end, but nice.

She made me look like a donkey compared to her.

Not gonna lie Trixie, that's pretty racist. Like, super racist. Seriously, does Twilight need to give you special lessons?

Nice to see such a well-written story focused on this ship. Startrix really needs more good stories on this site. Here, have a like and fave from me!

There's a castle gym?

ah yeah, in a fanfiction anything is possible, even Twilight having a gym

Oh no, only two chapters more.

Now they must inform the others about this.

Probably. She's improved, but she's still in the remedial friendship classes.

Noone said she USES it. Harmony is making pointed hints :scootangel:

You get an update just for the chlorbag reference:rainbowlaugh:

This was some adorable shipping, by the way. I kind of want to know where it goes next...

In my seven years here, not a single person has gotten that reference except for you. Thank you for that.

Well thank you very much! I definitely want to do more with these two, now that they're an actual couple in this story. I want to wait until I find inspiration on where to go and what to do with it, but it's certainly on the table.

I’m loving this story so far. So awkward and so cute. Perfect Startrix.

Trixie remained unmoved. “But… I can’t just force Starlight to like me back. She might not want me like that.”

In any other story i would exactly want that to be the chase at first.

Now in the next chapter the prologue is over and the story can actually start, which means "sequel".
I really like it, but while reading it it really stll felt as if the story is just starting and leading to something really nice.

Without waiting a second, Starlight blinked herself on stage and leapt into Trixie, wrapping her arms around her and giving her a hug that made her last one feel like child’s play. “Trixie…” she sobbed, digging her eyes into Trixie’s shoulder.

At least she didn't jumped at her right away. I mean it's really nice, but I think right now I had my head to much concentrated on "please don't let it end like usual "oh I loved you all the years back why haven't you asked me already".

Starlight sniffed, leaning back with a look of contentment on her face. “I’ll admit, I’ve thought about it before. Like, a while back, when we first met, but I kinda put those thoughts away because I didn’t think you’d be interested. Heck, I didn’t think you even liked mares.”

To claryfie what I meant before, the "thought about it before/ a while back" part is what i dislike, but the "I put it away and now I realize yes I really love you" moment is more my taste.
I like it that she is kindo f reacting to the reaction now and even when she mentioned she entertained the idea before, that it looks like she really just feels really moved yet.

Nice, but like I said now the real story can start with them being together.:scootangel:

I hated Harry potter for that one moment where they shortly showed "hey those guys are together and go to school bye". I wanted to know how this all happened and stuff.

Since they would probably not start an adoption so soon, maybe a Filly for some reason that doesn'T has to involve a whole story about an abusing father or slave driver getting imprisoned, could get to know them and end up living with them in the end.

Maybe an orphan is spending time with them without them actually knowing it. I want more sweet stuff without huge timeskips in which they get to know many important or interessting characters offscreen.

I’m glad that you like it! Thank you!

Now THAT’S a comment haha. In the end, I’m glad you ended up liking my story. Thank you for sticking to it and providing your opinion along the way!

It's because they are trying to pass off go as a good show and these kids today don't know any better.


Have to agree here. She went from patient and understanding - if somewhat frustrated and perplexed, to "Fuck you very much I'm going home, don't follow me." after just getting dunked. Which is, honestly, very normal in Ponyville and especially around the Mane Six.

I mean early on she's like, "You're not stupid, Trixie! Don't ever say that!" to "You never THINK!" which is really no different than calling her stupid. I note this, as an anti-Glimmerist, because in the beginning of this chapter I actually liked this version of her. Supportive, self-aware, willing to stick it out and do what she can to help selflessly.

I don't know why, but I am reminded of the ending/reunion scene of Deadpool with this confession. Its cute, but hilarious.

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