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Trixie has been dating a stallion and it seems to be going good for the both of them. Unfortunately, Starlight is convinced that this new stallionfriend is not all he seems to be and becomes determined to do whatever she must so to prove it.

And even worse--she just might be right to suspect.

Review by PaulAsaran

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Heh, the times have changed, now it’s Trixie making the friend and Starlight who’s skeptical of them.

I. Am. LOVIN this! :rainbowlaugh:

Please keep up the good work my good man :pinkiehappy:

Though I think you made one mistake here...

“You’re welcome!” Silverstream beamed. “Now excuse me, I better hurry to my next class.” She hurried off, giving Starlight a hurried wave as she went. “Good luck figuring it out, Headmare Silverstream!”

Since when did Silverstream take over as headmare. Not complainin just curious.

Whoops! Now how did I miss that? :rainbowlaugh: Fixed!

Wow, 2 things I didn't saw coming in this chapter all right! :twilightoops:

The first one Theodore's real identity, can't believe Thorax managed to keep this up for so long! The second one threw me for a loop though, who knew Derpy could sing death metal so well! :rainbowlaugh::derpyderp1:

No matter the outcome I feel someone's gonna be crushed next chapter though, guess we'll find out soon! :facehoof:

Jesus, I'm lovin this more and more :rainbowlaugh:

Keep it up :pinkiehappy:

It's also nice that Thorax is gettin some love from someone. The big bug deserves it :heart:

This gets genuinely better with each chapter! Loved the Mission Impossible and Emperor's New Groove references. :rainbowlaugh: I've probably missed a dozen more. Keep up the excellent work, and I will gladly dangle off this cliff 'till the next update! :pinkiehappy: Kudos to you! :moustache:

Welp that just happened! :twilightoops:

Hopefully they kept damage to only the restaurant instead of half the town this time around, lots of references in this chapter alone (and I loved every single one of them :rainbowlaugh:) Can't wait to see what happens when the dust settles (or cheese bomb) next chapter! :raritywink:


Lots of damages & apologies aplenty in this final chapter, glad it did have a satisfying conclusion though not to mention a few ships as well (Thorxie, Smollus, Starburst), although I think Silverstream had the most fun out of everyone involved! :raritywink::rainbowlaugh:

It was a fun, hilarious & heartfelt ride all in one, thanks for sharing Scyphi! :twilightsmile:

PS : Here's hoping you make another Smollus story again soon, they do playoff well together.


PS : Here's hoping you make another Smollus story again soon, they do playoff well together.

Shh, I'm working on one as we speak. :raritywink:

As Silverstream would say : OOOOOooooooooooh!!! :pinkiehappy:

This was an amazing read from start to finish omg:rainbowlaugh:
So Thorax x Trixie, huh? An odd pair but I love odd pairings between characters I love so this pair gets a big yes from me:raritystarry:
Also, the Gallus x Smolder in here was just perfect, thanks for your service once again sir:heart:
And aside from the couples, Silverstream here was another incredible enjoyable thing, I loved her already but she (and her camera) was so much fun in this I think I love her even more now:twilightsmile:

An interesting and hilarious tale, you did an amazing job with this one, looking forward to more of your work:pinkiehappy:

Pharynx made a mock salute. “I’ll do you one better and make sure nobody interrupts you,” he promised as he turned to step outside. “I’m leaving if the wagon starts rocking, though.” He cackled as Thorax’s pillow hit him the back of his head, closing the door behind him and leaving the two alone.

Now that is a brother moment. Kinda sad the show didn't play with the dynamic between these two more, because the amount of jokes and embarrassing stories that could have been told are monumental.

You think you can pull a sneaky with that Gravity Falls reference? Well, you're wrong! I saw it, I love it, and I'm loving this story so far. Let's see how this all goes south.

Gallus glanced back at her as they thumped along through the narrow metal vents, smirking, before looking back ahead. “Dun duh,” he began to sing the deep baseline of a song, “Dun-dun dun duh, dun-dun dun duh, dun-dun dun duh, dun-dun…”

Smolder, sharing his smirk, joined in as she recognized the song, picking up the main melody. “Dun da daaaaaa, dun da daaaaaa, dun da daaaaaaa, dun-dun! Dun da DAAAAAA, dun da DAAAAAA, dun da DAAAAAAAAAAAA-DUN-DUN!”

What they thought they sounded like: That link.
What they really sounded like: Thus.

It's a shame you can't tag this with Thorax and Pharynx because this fic's got some really nice characterizations of them and their relationship. I quite like it.

You'll have to be more specific--there's two different Gravity Falls references in this chapter. :raritywink:

Yeah, 'twas alright. I love it!

Okay, I'm absolutely loving these callbacks to "Grief is the Price We Pay." Thorax meeting Trixie at a show; all the easter eggs in his wagon (audio dramas, the Thornton cheese, the Vergilius airship); Pharynx saying "balani deveveo"... even that passing mention of Fly Leaf's shop. As somebody who really enjoyed that fic, this is making me nostalgic. And it's genuinely sad to see how well things could have turned out between those two if... certain elements in that story... happened differently.

That's a large part of the reason why I wrote this--readers of "Grief" were really curious as to how those two might have ultimately panned out. This was my attempt at answering that. :twilightsmile:

“Sunburst—I MEAN—!” Starlight clamped a hoof over her mouth, blushing profusely, but the damage from her slip-up was already done.

“Oooooh!” the three students chorused together, exchanging knowing looks

Oohhhhhh Exactly she dose have a crush on sunburst I know it lol

“Well, whenever I feel particularly…frustrated…about something, I go down there, put on a particular song I really like and sing along.” Derpy grinned, proud of herself. “It helps me get out those pesky frustrations without any harm done!”

“Huh,” Smolder hummed, picturing Derpy singing some sort of sweet, laid-back and chill song. “What kind of music are we talking about here? Pop rock or something?”

“No, death metal,” Derpy replied, like it was no big deal.

I see what you did there And to be honest thats pretty accurate lol
Their we go I fixed it 😅

Finally, somebody got the Aggretsuko reference! :raritystarry:

Only problem with your clip though is that it's been edited to use a different song. I mean, Sonic Adventure 2's "Live and Learn" is still a fun song...but it's not really death metal, now is it? :rainbowlaugh:

Oh wow i the not see that coming Whoever thought that Theodore is Thorax That makes things really complicate in this situation But this is a very interesting shipping can't wait how this works out


The chef went abruptly silent and dropped like a sack of potatoes on the floor, revealing Gallus standing behind him, hefting the frying pan he had just banged over the pony’s head. They both stared down at him for a second then Smolder shot her gaze back up at Gallus.

“My job as a waitress!” the hippogriff replied cheerily. “Ooh, speaking of, I need three stuffed pepper combos, extra haybacon on the side, two chili cheese samplers…”

“Oh, no, no,” Smolder attempted to interject, waving at Silverstream to stop.

She didn’t seem to notice and kept going with the lengthy order. “…a basket of lentils and onion rings, a catch of the day, and a tofu steak cut in the shape of trout.” She grinned at them, oblivious to the blank looks they were giving her. “You guys got all that?”

Smolder started to reply no but Gallus abruptly saluted first. “Three stuffers wearing pants, a plate of hot air, basket of Grandma’s breakfast, and change the soy to a koi, got it,” he confirmed resolutely before rushing over to the stove, starting to set out pots and pans.

Lol I love that scene from that movie good reference

Oh man This is such a crazy chapter I love it I did like how you Got Pharynx To get involve into this crazy But he has a very soft side despite hes trying to be tough but he does care for his brother and I liked about him And the battle between smolder and the chef was awesome lol and gallus Knowing how to cook was a pretty surprise And despite saying every creature of for themselves he Grab smolder and hide from the danger that sweet of him i guess lol And exploding cheese something tells me this is gonna get cheesy in the end yeah i went there And I hope trixie and Thorax Don't hate each other.

Oh wow That was an awesome story and a lot of twist and shipping's all around and Silverstream oh my goodness she is the ultimate shippers Anyway the story was really good there's a lot of mysteries to go in the Beginning well Paste as well And I like the reference you put in there And i like the Interaction with gallus and smolder How much they care for each other and seeing derpy Having her own vent of dealing stress and i really like trixie and Thorax They are so cute together and yeah it start of pretty rocky because they don't know what's the truth behind it but in the end they do care for each other and Pharynx Despite hes all tough he really does have a soft spot for his brother so with this story I really like this awesome job on the characters

Sorry that was the wrong one I didn't watch the whole thing I was trying to reference at found the original video so that was my bad lol 😅

Oh phew, I almost got paranoid there.
There were a bunch of easter eggs from your other story "Grief is the Price We Pay" that was seen here.
I thought this was sequelling Grief, and that Thorax somehow came back from the dead.
That idea would sound intriguingly interesting, though.

Silverstream didn’t have this problem though. “Oh hey!” she declared loudly, leaning in so to see too, “You found Counselor Trixie!” Unsurprisingly, she snapped a picture.

Oh my silverstream 😳

Looks like things got really 😎 Cheesy in the end

Terramar: "I'm not so sure this whole tale you've told me is really all that logical, Sil."
Silverstream: "Eh, maybe, but hey! At least it'll still make all the shippers among us happy, amirite?"

True that silverstream true that 😊

Nice so far, but I have notices a couple things. One typo, and one questionable detail.

The typo:

As classes had finished for the day, she found Silverstream in the student study longue with, unsurprisingly, her new camera.

That should be lounge. So far as I know, at least.

And as for the questionable detail:

Spring doesn’t have a solstice, only summer and winter do. Summer solstice is the longest day of the year, and winter solstice is the longest night. Spring and autumn have equinoxes, where the day and night are, as the name suggests, of equal length.

At least, that’s how it is in the real world, and I acknowledge the possibility that Equestria might be different. Then again, it might also be a clue about Theodore’s lies.

In my defense, when I Googled it so to double check, it still pulled up "spring solstice" as a top search suggestion, so even though that search only brings up hits saying how such a thing doesn't actually exist, I'm clearly not the only person out there who's made that same mistake. :twilightsheepish:

I don't know how I missed "lounge" though. :twilightoops:

In any case, both have now been fixed. :twilightsmile:

Long time since the last comments, but I have to say that up until Starlight learned the truth... Shewas the best friend Trixie could have possibly had right then. All the red flags were there for things going in a totally diff disastrous way, which would have ended much less pleasantly. The inconsistent backstory, complicated-but-not-too-complicated business, the extreme amount of attention and affection he was dropping, the unwillingness to talk about his past... All really bad signs most of the time, and Trixie is just the sort of person who'd fall for that sort of abuser hook, line, and sinker.o

Glad it was a better ending, but every time someone accused Star of being jealous, I was thinking "lady, there are people who'd have killed for a friend like you before some jagoff made off with their retirement fund."

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