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The changelings are content with their recent change, but they're all still working to adjust to the full scope of these changes.

Thorax, however, finds there was one personal change he's somehow overlooked.

Rated Teen for implied subject material...but I was able to avoid discussing it directly so much so that it's probably overkill on my part.

Obviously, spoilers for the season 6 finale.

Featured (for some reason) on 10/29/2016

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Welp, I read enough of Law Abiding Pony's Twiling stories to figure out Thorax's problem right away.

Very entertaining, thanks a bunch~!

:raritycry: A what? Spike how could YOU!
:moustache: BUT BUT BUT Twilight a little help here!
:twilightsheepish: Don't ask me I only read books La la la la la la
:moustache: Stupid changeling stuff! :rainbowlaugh:

:moustache: You never told me about that.
Thorax: Yes I did.
:moustache: No you didn't, you were too busy laying eggs!
Thorax: Stop talking about my eggs!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Insectoid biology is a b#%h, ain't it? :trollestia:

Don't really see what the issue here is, the same thing can happen to amphibians, some reptiles and especially fish.

A male clown fish can even turn into a female if there are none around, it's usually the dominant male that does so.

Aside from all that Thorax should relax as it's perfectly natural in nature for this to happen, though I would have preferred a rhinoceros beetles horns to the stag ones. It reminds me too much of Pinsir and that reminds me of what a Skitty and Wailord can do.

He's a shapeshifter. He should be used to occasionally switching genders.

7679148 Yes, but only as a facade. His gender, both genetically and the one he very much identifies by, is male.

Makes sense to me - he is the leader of the hive now, after all. :raritywink::pinkiehappy::trollestia:

Please can we get more?

Thorax: "They told me the swarm is lead by the queen, but I didn't listen when I became their leader!"

Nice story.
I especially like the 'discussion' between Thorax and Spike at the end.

Say, is this a One-Shot or will there be more?

Small suggestion:

“I imagine it will be fairly—ah!”

Spike and the aide both turned to look at Thorax in alarm as the changeling cried out, putting one hoof gingerly on his barrel again.

Better use something like "aargh" here, since it's supposed to be a scream.

Interesting and kind of funny.

I think an interesting follow up would be everyone realizing that Chrysalis is going to reform her hive. There's no reason she'd stop laying eggs after all.

You know, I actually read the first chapter of his first entry in his series of fanfics, but never got any further than that...I think it was because at the time I had too many other things to focus on and couldn't spare the time. Well, let's see if I can have better success the second time around... :rainbowlaugh:

Glad you enjoyed this silly thing. :twilightsmile:

True, but I'd imagine it'd still be a bit of a shock if it happens to one without you expecting it or even realizing it had transpired, like it has for poor Thorax here.

It's just a one-shot. I literally have no more material I could really use to make any sort of adequate follow-up with at present, and anyway, this really isn't the sort of subject material you'd normally catch me discussing beyond this one special occasion.

Better use something like "aargh" here, since it's supposed to be a scream.

It's more of a sharp gasp of pained surprise, actually.

Well if you noticed during the finale, Thorax had those pearl-like bits on his chest, and only like half the other changelings did as well. It looks to me like the male changelings have those chest markings, while the females do not, of which half were not sporting those marks.

So fortunately, yeah, Thorax won't have to worry about laying any eggs! ...But he's going to have to get up close and personal with more than a few changeling females/mares if he's still part of the whole process...

Oh hell yes, ah hah hah hah hah! XD

Insect biology: Something that I'd be lucky to wrap my head around sometimes :derpytongue2:

7678909 Totally got that reference :rainbowlaugh:

"Eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs."

I did notice that actually, and am of similar mind; there is no one female changeling that is responsible for all of the egg-laying in the hive like fans have assumed and instead there are male and female changelings among the drones as well, and probably always has. In fact, I never really bought into that fanon portrayal for a long time now and it pleases me a little that the show seems to be leaning in the same direction too (just gotta wait for a final confirmation of some sort on their part).

So that just makes it all the more ridiculous that I was the one who wrote this. :facehoof::rainbowlaugh:

Oh that's cruel, funny as hell, but cruel.

My sides hurt more than they should.

“Fate’s got a funny way of looking at things then.” Thorax frowned as he felt his gut churn again, aching slightly. “Hmpf,” he grunted, putting one hoof to his abdomen in discomfort.

I'm calling it now: 'he's' going to lay an egg.

But even more interesting, sitting before the changeling’s hooves was the round green shape of a changeling egg.

Called it. This is actually what I thought the story would be about after clicking on it, it was predictable, but you executed it wonderfully! Queen Thorax has a nice ring to it, eh?

7680108 I wish you the best of luck in reading those stories.

“It’s just instead of aggressively stealing and hording all of it for ourselves as much as we can, we just share it freely with everyone else and them back in return, so everybody gets continually fed all the time.


“We’re not discussing this! I don’t even want to think about just what this means for me right now!” He started to approach the two, the egg held aloft in the cyan glow of his magic. “At least let me wrap my head around the very idea of it before forcing me to confront it!” He stuffed the egg into the hooves of the aide as he walked past. “Here,” he said as he headed for an adjoining backroom to the bedchamber. “I think it’s unfertilized, thank acorns, but have one of the healers double check and then…” he wrapped one hoof over his face then waved it about as he vanished into the backroom. “…do whatever you need to do with it!”

The aide regarded the egg for a second, lifting it with his own magic. “Certainly…” he gave Spike a wink as he turned to leave. “…Queen Thorax.”

Despite everything, Spike had to stifle a laugh as he heard Thorax’s shout of exasperation echo out from the backroom.

Oooh! a little trolling from Nameless Changeling 3517! :ajsmug:

Fixed, as well as another typo I found.

I wonder what happened to those changelings that wasn't present in the hive when Thorax took over

I had actually thought about addressing that in the fic, adding it as one of Thorax's list of concerns as a leader, but I worried it'd only lead me off on a tangent that wasn't relevant to the story, so I opted not to explore that this go around.

This is eggciting news.


Civil war I guess

It would boil down to numbers, really, and how many of the changelings away from the hive Chrysalis can sway to her side before Thorax and the rest work to get to them before she does, as they no doubt will. Considering that Thorax and the rest of the hive already have more numbers, I would imagine things already lean in their favor.

But when you consider that Chrysalis may be able to produce new changelings herself to compensate, it could balance out.

I am adopting this headcanon for now, while I speculate on what really happened to Changeling procreation...

Absolutely nothing happened. Both the evil and the reformed changeling designs look mostly like beetles - their evil form looked like a pine beetle (I suspect, specifically, a mountain pine beetle - one of the most harmful ones to American pine forests), while their reformed form looks very much like a stag-beetle (which, while looking more "intimidating", is utterly harmless to the forests. In fact, stag beetles play an important part in turning fallen leaves and bark into fertilizer for the plants). A horrible, punny version of a stag-beetle, but a stag-beetle nonetheless. It should be noted that neither kind of beetle relies on a "queen" to lay eggs for them - any female beetle of either species can lay eggs.

look like the new king has something incoming with the queen now since she still can lay eggs probably..

Kewl. So kewl. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:


I'd imagine that

Welp... this was an eggcelent chapter...
with a few eggcelent puns and stuff.

Wow. That was great!
I think we're good to go on the finale pics. The alert said no pictures with spoilers from the leak. nothing about the actual episode.

Good job son, you are now the mother of your species.


It's more of a sharp gasp of pained surprise, actually.

So less like the castle, then.
"stag beetle"…they would, wouldn't they.

7681931 Yes. Yes they absolutely would.

Sides status: Currently flying into another dimension


Aside from all that Thorax should relax as it's perfectly natural in nature for this to happen, though I would have preferred a rhinoceros beetles horns to the stag ones. It reminds me too much of Pinsir and that reminds me of what a Skitty and Wailord can do.

Can you explain how Pinsir reminds you of Skitty and Wailord? Also if you think Skitty and Wailord are crazy check this out there are more insane pairs then just those two.

Personally, I like to think they managed to transform like this because they were close to the magic-absorbing throne, and now that it's gone all the Changelings who weren't in the room can't replicate it.

Best requisition Pinkie Pie to go and recover them for you then. :twilightsmile:

Yeah seriously Thorax, you sure you’re all right?

Perhaps you should visit one of the healers your highness,

Missing vocative commas.

Regarding new changeling appearance. I am too afraid to see the finale.

So I always figured Thorax was biologically an infertile female drone who just happened to identify as male. Bug biology is funny.

Fixed, though I think why they were omitted in the first place was more to promote the reader to read those statements in the same flow as I heard them in my head. Still, I've decided now that wasn't worth fudging grammar over, so, again, fixed.

Great thing to read before going to sleep - I wanted to listen to some chill music, fill myself with a good energy, let my thoughts run free into the open air, all in the hug of my bed and nice, calm sleep.

Now all I can think of is Thorax laying eggs, thank you very much.

Now you know what my state of mind was like when I was driven to write this silly thing in the first place. :rainbowlaugh:

Thank to you spike.

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