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The School Of Friendship a place to mold the minds of the future, in this case a group of friends who have a talent for causing trouble.

From Double Dragon Dares to sneaking out at night, this group of friends will have many memories to carry with them through life.

And just as many write ups as well.

But hay!

It's high school!

Cover Art By Jhayarr23

Made Popular on 3/28/18

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Yaks are hilarious, especially Yona. Where was Silverstream? And Ocellus? I would have liked to hear from them. And even boring Sandbar. Silverstream is nuts, thinking everything is super amazing awesomesauce, because they don't have it under water. XD

Silver and he rest are seen in chapter two, while the first three are being chewed out lol.

I need to bounce back and forth with mix n match groups of three, writing si creatures at once would be a little crazy. Though some planned chapters will host all six at once.

I love Yona! She captured my heart the moment she fell over.

It's good, but you need to work on your grammar a little bit. You also need to not put a period at the end of the title.

That was surprisingly wholesome, considering the amount of vomit involved.:pinkiesick:

Glad you liked it!:rainbowlaugh:

Next chapter will have 100% less vomit.:raritywink:

Fantastic! :rainbowlaugh: This is a fantastic story right here, I can already tell!^^
I was expecting someone to eventually write a fic like this for our six new characters and I'm glad it's happening so early.^^ I absolutely love every single one of them and I can't wait to see more school adventures they are going to have in the future! :scootangel:
And you nail the personalities of Yona, Gallus and Smolder perfect here! You really got them down to a T, this is the kind of stuff they could easily get into.^^
I will watch this closely and I can't wait to see what you will write for Sandbar, Ocellus and Silverstream and what other crazy shenanigans they will all get into! :pinkiehappy:

That was a fun fic to read

I felt bad for Yona throwing up, then the other characters throwing up too.

Somepony will have to clean that mess up...


Chapter two gives a hint to who had too, lol.


Awww this made my day way more brighter! Thank you.:raritywink:


You're welcome!^^ And thank you for the follow!^^

You're welcome, you seem like tons of fun to follow!!

Aaaw poor gallus... Hugging your boyfriend(i am of course referring to sandbar) ought to help you feel a little better afterwards as well as an ice pack on the forehead(as for the bit of gallus x sandbar shipping i mentioned i am SERIOUSLY surprised there AREN'T any clopfics about those two yet) also poor twilight

Congratulations! You are officially the first fan-fic writer to use all of the friendship school students in a story all at once!:pinkiehappy:

Thank god this isn’t visual or else I might’ve caught it too.

When I was in HS this really happened!

The popular jock dared his friend to mush, twelve stacks of already eaten food into one and eat it.

He got like half through it, when the teacher walked over and he blew chunks on her.

Then like some kind of weird fever dream, about a chain reaction of 20-ish people started to do so too.:rainbowlaugh:

holy crap this is like the "who wants chowder" thing from family guy.... also just curious will this partake in any of the gallus x sandbar shipping?(i hope it does those two make an ADORABLE couple as you can see by the fanart here https://dannymomochi.deviantart.com/art/MLP-S08-Spoilers-Sandbar-x-Gallus-737101682 )

“Do you ever feel like you can’t be yourself, wishing that you could just become someone else? That maybe then you’d be noticed by someone…” Sandbar spoke up his words a bit broken, his spirit flying low.

Okay, there is something I could say about this, but I think I’ll save face and let somebody else do it for me.

This was a nice second chapter, though.

I'm liking this story so far. You're doing a great job of portraying school-aged children here. Hope there's more to come.

ya its great its feel like an ep of the show dude.

also am making a M rated of them, because i think there teenagers and there a few clean ones but come on you walk in high school or middle school and they're talking about the most R rated and A rated stuff

Heehee! Thanks for reading, I'm glad I can capture the tone of the show.

Which is like what I was going for, sounds interesting and I'll keep an eye out for it.

I like mature now and again, I sometimes inch myself into mature. But I have like a voice in my head saying "Girl! Go too lewd you'll lose them, but don't give enough frisk and you are at risk of losing them!" Lolz.

once am done with the 3rd chp and let the editor do his part and its all done i will post it and let you know.

btw it's going to be very lewd at times so fair warning

:rainbowkiss: I enjoy lewdness now and again, I just don't know how to range my own lewdness.:trollestia:

Some say my M story went too lewd, some thought not enough.

I say Zex is zex, Anything is Saucy when written buzzed.:facehoof:

You clearly didn't attend my high school, but that's okay--my high school almost certainly is the rare exception to the rule. :pinkiehappy:

I went to public school in CA in the valley area. my city is Fresno and if you see any movie you see how boring it is and used in a butt of jokes.

it was not until the end of my high school years it being a city.

and let me tell you oh boy here in the valley things are rated A when you hit middle school

you don't know the half of it dude i was born in the 90s of it and man it was worst then LA

Well what doesn't wreck you completely, can only make you stronger. :raritywink:

true that but I was not dumb I was smart and here I am Fresno is no longer... ok it still a shit hole but not a deadly one.

just type in bulldogs and Fresno and you see what i mean

YA but now it's no more problems because well if your the only one where there's no more reason to fight, they have become like the mafia now

also ya i should have put a fair warning on that

sorry about that dude we still cool

~Giggles cutely~

Like duh! Sure we are!

You are very interesting to chat with, that and I love just chatting with who ever would want to take time and chat of course.:yay:

cool but i have work to do with my own fic

I love it! Keep up the great work!

I would love to see more from you! This is fantastic and gives the new, Young 6 some much needed attention. In addition, it is a good way to open up the readers' minds to the myriad of possibilities that we might see later on.

Oh my gosh, you got Silverstream down so excellently, too! :scootangel: That hyperactive adorableness, reading about her here feels exactly like seeing her in the episode. I love her so much, I'm glad you're writing this fic that can tie me over until I see her the next time. :heart:

“I do does thunk, Gallus was just messin’ with yaaal!” Applejack in Ocellus seat gave a very southern drawl reply, tilting her hat back swiftly and proudly.

And that part made me have a laughing fit for about a whole minute. :rainbowlaugh: That's even funnier than her Rarity impression. :rainbowkiss:
Also, props to her imitating Applejack so well with explaining why it's important to be truthful. Ocellus spent a lot of attention in class earlier.^^

“You coming Sandy?” Ocellus asked with a small blush.

Ocellus calls him "Sandy"? With a blush? :rainbowhuh: Did I miss some shipping somewhere?^^ When and how exactly did they become a pair? :pinkiehappy:

AJ batted long lashes softly, feeling a ping of something bad on the horizon within her chest. Praying that all would be ok and that the princesses would protect her students, for now and always.

And I wonder about this, suddenly, that scene ends so serious. Sounds like some real drama is coming, this makes me excited!

And, damn, Twilight sent them all to clean up the puke..... Twilight, I thought you were going to handle this fair and only punish Gallus! Yona and Smolder didn't do anything wrong. And Sandbar, Silverstream and Ocellus weren't even there! That's straight up power abuse, be ashamed Twilight.....

Fantastic second chapter, I'm already craving for more! Keep them coming! :heart:

...your story...
...has made me...
...decide it might be a good idea to catch up with the show.
have a like and fav

Keep this up! It's got good potential for an engaging Student Six story. Tracked, faved, and liked!

The group is already uneven on genders, so why are people shipping the only two boys together? >.> It would make more sense with ship two of the girls together, as that would leave a balance. The poor ladies need love too!

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